About Matrax

MTX - Team PhotoMatrax:  Your Temporary Site Access Solution

Matrax is a solution-based design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution company specializing in a range of temporary site access solutions to include: roads, turf protection, bridges, road plates, and outrigger pads.

Our products are designed to facilitate pedestrian and vehicular access into temporary work sites with sensitive, unstable, unsuitable, or soft subgrade conditions.

Our products and expertise have been utilized domestically and internationally within industries that include special events, cross country construction, oil and gas exploration, underground utility, and power transmission.

We understand that “One Size Does Not Fit All” and we consult with project teams to determine the best solution for the specific challenge at hand. Supplemental services include hydroseeding and full service contracting for installation and removal.



  • Event flooring and roadways
  • Sports facility/stadium construction and maintenance
  • Natural and artificial turf protection
  • Temporary parking on any site
  • Temporary staging and lay down areas
  • Man camps for remote work sites
  • Commercial disaster relief efforts (power and infrastructure)
  • Military man camps (domestic war games and foreign deployment)
  • Temporary warehouse/storage facility flooring
  • Low-impact equipment access into environmentally sensitive areas
  • Power transmission / cross-country temporary roads
  • Oil and gas exploration site improvements
  • Protecting secondary containment liners in tank farms/landfills/agricultural applications
  • Swamp and difficult terrain access

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