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Matrax Composite Outrigger Pads

The purpose of any outrigger pad is to distribute the weight of equipment over a large enough area to avoid exceeding the bearing capacity of the substrate it is placed upon.  Matrax manufactures a variety of composite outrigger pads designed to meet the requirements of a wide range of equipment types. We offer both solid pads and a unique, lighter, long-lasting alternative to solid pads. All our composite pads are engineered to provide stability for utility bucket trucks, backhoes, tree trimmers, concrete pumps, cranes, fire trucks, and aerial equipment, in a variety of site conditions.

Matrax Solid Composite Outrigger Pads

For those heavier cranes or less suitable soil conditions, traditional solid composite pads may be warranted.  Handles are located on width side of all pads.  Pads measuring 30 inches or larger have two or more handles opposite each other.

Solid Composite Pad – Standard Dimensions

Vertical Load (pounds) Width (inches) Length (inches) Height (inches) Weight (pounds)
45,000 12 12 1 5
48,000 12 12 2 10
45,000 15 15 0.75 5.5
55,000 18 18 1 11
60,000 24 24 1 20
62,000 24 24 2 38
81,000 30 30 1 31
93,000 36 36 1 45
135,000 48 48 1 80
85,000 30 30 2 62
98,000 36 36 2 90
140,000 48 48 2 160

Custom size pads are available upon request.  Minimum order required.  Production lead times vary.

Round Composite Outrigger Pad

Square Composite Outrigger Pad

Matrax Welded Composite Outrigger Pads

Matrax engineered composite pads have a much greater strength to weight ratio than other plastic pads on the market. This is achieved by utilizing a series of vertical ribs and an exterior skin that are injection molded from HDPE as one part. Two of these mirror image parts are then joined together by means of a proprietary welding process to create a pad. The use of these internal shapes and the part geometry lowers the overall density of the pad without compromising its strength.  Every Matrax composite outrigger mat is fabricated in an ISO 9001 certified facility, guaranteeing the highest degree of quality consistently.

Composite Outrigger Pads with handlesMatrax relied on real world job site experience when it developed the composite outrigger pad and kept the end user in mind throughout the process, with a hermetically sealed core and rot-proof material that will not gain weight over the life of the pad.  Each pad is finished with two 5/8” diameter solid braided polypropylene handles for easy lifting.  (Both round and square sizes are readily available)

Welded Outrigger Pad Specifications

  • DIMS: 40″ diameter; 50 lbs.
  • Maximum allowable vertical force:  1750 lbs. (fully supported conditions)
  • Maximum allowable deflection:  1.5 in
  • Friction coefficient:  .29 (will improve as dirt becomes embedded on the surface)
  • Load capacity:  450 psi
  • Temperature range:  -4°F to 113°F
  • Burn rating:  UL 94-HB

Matrax Welded Outrigger Pad FeaturesComposite Outrigger Pads with handles

  • Pressure-tight, leak-proof welded design
  • Reliable load distribution
  • 50% lighter than a comparable plastic outrigger pad
  • Handles for lifting
  • Molded textured slip-resistant surface
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Ground conditions can vary considerably from location to location and exhibit variable soil bearing pressures. These conditions will have an impact on the performance of the outrigger pads. As a rule of measure, the maximum allowable deflection of the outrigger pads should not exceed three (3) inches.

Matrax engineered composite outrigger pads offer a lightweight design for ease of handling, making them great outrigger pads for a bucket truck, but rigid enough to efficiently spread loads over their entire surface, while also perfect for crane stabilizer pads.  They are very effective when used properly but not indestructible.

Please refer to the Outrigger Pad User Guide for general guidance on the proper use of our composite outrigger mats.  Outrigger pads do not guarantee the safety of any operation and they should be used in conjunction with the equipment manufacturer recommendations, general safety guidelines, and common sense.

Custom size pads are available upon request.  Minimum order required.  Production lead times vary.

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