Construction Mats & Temporary Roads

Matrax® Construction Matting and Temporary Roads

Matrax Inc. has extensive experience in the rental and sale of a range of conventional and composite mats used within the power transmission, heavy construction, and oil and gas industries, both domestically and abroad. We apply knowledge gained in the field to the development and manufacturing of stronger, more durable, lightweight matting products. We recognize the cost considerations associated with transport, offloading, loading, installation and removal are critical in today’s highly competitive market. We also understand that field conditions can vary significantly from site to site, one size does not fit all and that a variety of matting types may be needed for a single project.

Protects Environmentally Regulated Areas and Critical Work Zones

Matrax mats facilitate vehicular access into areas that contain saturated soils, wetlands or soft/poor subgrade conditions and provide spill containment in environmentally sensitive areas. Utilizing Matrax-developed polyethylene, foam filled modular mats, temporary roads, platforms and pedestrian friendly surfaces can be constructed efficiently and cost effectively with minimal impact to environmentally regulated areas and critical work zones. Our uniquely engineered mats can handle beaches, poorly drained regions containing soft terrain, man-made surfaces in sporting stadiums (both natural and artificial), and outdoor events such as golf tournaments, concerts, political functions and commencement ceremonies.

Highly Portable and Cost-Efficient

Once transported and placed, Matrax mats allow vehicular travel or staging operations in areas that might otherwise require significant excavation and grading, dewatering, and other traditional road- building methods such as the placement of geotextile fabric and stone. Traditional road-building methods often require special permitting, are costly, time intensive and require extensive restoration. Matrax modular mats are immediately deployable, easy-to-handle and will efficiently stabilize work areas to permit vehicular load, as well as provide clean work areas and minimal surface impact to soil and vegetation.  When the project is complete, the mats can be easily removed and transported.

  • Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat: Heavy duty alternatives to rig mats, large plastic mats, crane mats, and road building mats.
  • Matrax Swamp Mat:  Portable road and swamp mats for use in soft or sensitive terrain.
  • Matrax Rig Mat: Rig mats and work platforms engineered to account for outrigger footprints and heavy loads.
  • Portable Ice Rink Flooring: Converts ice rinks to usable event spaces.
  • Event Flooring Mats: Lightweight event flooring designed for fast, easy installation and removal.  Used for tent flooring, walkways and roadways.
  • High Durability Event Flooring: Heavy duty flooring for areas with poor ground conditions, heavy load requirements and high traffic zones.

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