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Ground Mats for Heavy Equipment

Matrax offers a variety of ground mats for heavy equipment such as cranes, dump trucks, steam rollers, and other large construction vehicles, even in poor subsurface conditions. Our products include: Timber Mats, Composite Mats, Strong Plank Access Mats, and Rig Mats.

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Matrax Temporary Road Installation - 3 Ply - 8x14 Mats

Timber Mats

Our 3-ply hardwood timber mats are designed with high-quality bolts to withstand the weight of heavy duty construction equipment without losing resilience over time. Our cross-laminated 3-ply GluLam timber mats weigh less but are twice as strong and five times stiffer than traditional bolted mats.

PAR Electric Contractors, Inc. contracted with Matrax to provide site access solutions capable of supporting a variety of equipment types while they installed 48 miles of new 345-kV transmission line.

Click here to see how Matrax was able to help PAR Electric complete this project on time and under budget.

Dura-Base® Composite Mats

Dura-Base® heavy duty composite mats are engineered with an interlocking system that provides a stable work platform even in the most extreme conditions. These composite construction mats are designed for job sites located in environmentally sensitive areas, such as those with large areas of grass, mud, or uneven terrain. Dura-Base® mats are semi-buoyant, making them ideal temporary road mats for use in swampy areas. Our Dura-Base® mats are available for purchase or rent.

When EverBank Field (home of the Jacksonville Jaguars) underwent a $90M renovation, Matrax was contracted to develop a cost-effective matting solution to support a 350,000 lb. heavy lift crawler crane, while protecting the shallow integration system just below the playing field surface.

Click here to learn more about how Dura-Base® composite mats facilitated the success of this project.

Matrax Strong Plank Access Mats

Matrax Strong Plank Steel Mats provide an alternative to timber and plastic mats for projects requiring a strong, but light and serviceable mat that can be easily installed and removed.

These temporary road mats are manufactured from A606 Type 4 self-weathering rolled steel, giving them a superior strength-to-weight ratio. The durable design allows these heavy equipment mats to last 15-20 years.

When Hilcorp Energy recognized their existing composite mats were not robust enough to handle their project’s needs, they engaged Matrax to provide a liner protection and containment alternative for multiple well sites in the Utica shale formation in northwest Pennsylvania.

Click here to learn about how Matrax’s Strong Plank Mats exceeded Hilcorp Energy’s expectations.

Hilcorp Strong Plank Access Mats

Rig Mats

Our Rig Mats are constructed using glulam beams that are glued together to create a lighter alternative to traditional matting materials, but is stronger than steel and can resist compression better than concrete. This ideal material in combination with steel frames and I beams provides the support that allows our rig mats to handle extreme loads, while our mat’s unique interlocking system increases safety and stability.

These heavy equipment mats, with their reinforced steel frame, are perfect for oil and gas drilling equipment and oversized excavators. Available for rent or purchase, our rig mats can be customized to meet the specific requirements of your project.

See how Matrax Rig Mats compare to others in the industry in this Load Capacity Comparison Study.

Transporting Heavy Duty Road Mats

Matrax’s ground mats for heavy equipment are specifically engineered to be easily transported and installed throughout North America. Our installation and management team has over 50 years of combined experience delivering site access solutions on or ahead of schedule. Matrax specializes in all types of temporary roadway mat solutions, so we can ensure a quick and painless installation process no matter where your project site is located.

Heavy Duty Road Mat Installation - Matrax

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