High Durability Flooring

High Durability Temporary Roads for Heavy Loads

Matrax 4×4 Composite can be used for heavy dMatrax HD Semi #3uty event flooring situations. The Matrax 4×4 Composite mat is extremely versatile and be used for servicing areas with poor ground conditions, heavy load requirements and high traffic zones.

Each panel assembly is constructed of prime grade thermoplastic, and was engineered specifically for use as temporary support and access for rubber-tired cranes and vehicles over natural turf, sand or synthetic surfaces.

  • Matrax 4×4 Composite panels overlap and interlock with other panels creating a continuous, hazard-free surface.
  • The interlock system consists of five retained fasteners per panel that are engaged and disengaged by rotating them ninety degrees with the installation tool provided.
  • The lightweight design and fastening technology minimizes worker bending, eliminates the need for loose components, and contributes to a safe and efficient job site environment.
  • Resilient and weather proof, Matrax 4×4 Composite is manufactured with foam filling to keep unwanted environmental elements such as dirt and water out of the structural core.
  • The structural core is created when two panels are placed back to back, forming an assembly capable of carrying massive loads and for constructing robust temporary roads under demanding conditions.

Primary Use:  Event Flooring and Site Access

Size:  4′ x 4’ x 1.5” thick

Material:  100% HDPE (high-density polyethylene plastic)

Usable surface area: 13.5 square feet

Weight:  50 lbs.

Total per truckload:  12,500 square feet

Field connection:  nylon cam lock system

Colors:  gray, white (translucent), and green

Loading:  up to 450 psi of wheel patch compression loading

Click here to learn about the optional 4×4 mat accessories (ramps, edge supports & universal build joints) which enhance the system’s appearance and functionality.

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