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Our temporary road-building mats provide the support any site access challenge requires. These mats are engineered to support rubber-tired construction and maintenance vehicles, cranes, and a variety of other equipment types. Whether your equipment needs to traverse soft or sensitive terrain, or you are looking for a temporary road alternative, we have a site access solution that will fulfill your needs.Temporary Road_Matrax

Developing & using the right temporary roadway mat system is imperative for ensuring job site access that fits your budget. One size does not fit all; over-engineering a temporary or portable road solution can be costly. Our team of site access specialists can assist in identifying the most cost effective temporary road solution for your unique site access challenge and subsurface condition.

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MegaDeck® Composite Mats

MegaDeck®HD interlocking composite mats are great for parking lots, fields and turf. Unlike rigid steel or wood, composite plastic mats conform to uneven terrain, and the interlocking feature keeps each mat from the “hopping” effect experienced with other products on extreme slopes. The mats are semi-buoyant and have a non-skid tread pattern for tracked or wheeled vehicles, making them the ideal swamp mats solution.

Interested in purchasing or renting? Before you do, click here to see how we were able to help the Columbia Gas Line access their pipeline with a temporary composite mat roadway.


Used for industrial site access, these medium-duty interlocking composite mats provide a stable, non-shifting surface and secure traction for construction vehicles and crew. Overlapping flanges provide additional strength, flexibility and stability. They are easy to install and easy to clean, making them ideal for sensitive environment and sites with tight or difficult access points.

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