Matrax Temporary Road Mats

Matrax® Temporary Road Mats

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Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat

When you need a portable road for rubber-tired construction and maintenance vehicles, cranes, and equipment in soft or sensitive terrain,  the Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat is the solution.

Durable & Robust, yet Lightweight for Easy Transport

We understand the challenges associated with accessing critical work zones. Temporary road performance is essential to maintaining job site access. One size does not fit all, and overbuilding can be costly. That’s why we engineered a mat that is durable and robust, yet weighs less and is less expensive than conventional alternatives. The Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat is heavy on performance, light on transport, loading and off-loading.

  • Engineered to withstand the rigors associated with heavy cross-country construction, power transmission maintenance, and oil and gas exploration.
  • Transport over 3,500 square feet of road on one flatbed
  • Unique connection system that works with traditional excavating equipment and grapples

Primary Use:  Power Transmission, Oil and Gas, Pipeline, Heavy Construction

Size:  7.21′ x 14.42′ x 1.98” thick

Core:  Patented roll formed steel sections

Usable Surface:  104 SF

Weight: 1,400 lbs.

Field Connection:  Simple link & coupler connection system (no ground labor)

Self Weathering:  A606 self weathering steel (no maintenance required)

Loading:  Equal or greater to any rig mat or composite mat on the market

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