Matrax Strong Plank & Composite Outrigger Pads

Matrax Composite Outrigger Pads

Round Composite Outrigger Pads:

40 Inch Diameter Composite Outrigger Pad

Round Composite Outrigger Pad

Matrax Inc - Composite Outrigger Pads

40″ diameter x 3″ thick




Net Working Surface 8.72 ft2 0.81 m2
Weight Per Pad 50 lbs. 20.41 kg
Minimum Contact Area For Static Loads >250 pounds @ 72 degrees F 16 in2 10.16 cm2
Maximum Allowable Deflection 3.0 in. 7.62 cm
Temperature Range -4ºF – 113°F -20°C – 4°5C
Burn Rating
Data is based on the materials used in manufacturing
UL 94-HB N/A
Colors Gray & White Gray & White
Assembly Water tight welded system Water tight welded system

Square Composite Outrigger Pads:

Matrax Inc. Square Composite Outrigger Pads

Square Composite Outrigger Pads

Matrax Inc - Square Composite Outrigger Pads vs Wood Outrigger Pads

Composite vs Wood Outrigger Pads



40 x 40 x 3 in. 64 lbs.
24 x 24 x 3 in. 23 lbs.
19.5  x 19.5 x 3 in. 15 lbs

Ground conditions can vary considerably from location to location and exhibit variable soil
bearing pressures. These conditions will have an impact on the performance of the
outrigger pads. As a rule of measure, the maximum allowable deflections of the outrigger
pads should not exceed three (3) inches.

Matrax Strong Plank Outrigger Pads

Lightweight Rolled Steel Outrigger Pads

Matrax Strong Plank Outrigger Pads

Roll Formed Steel Design

  • Dimensions:  72 in. x 48 in. x 1.98 in. thick
  • Weight:  498 lbs
  • Roll formed 65 KSI steel
  • Deflection:  less then .01 in. with a load of 450 psi centered on a simple 40 in. span

Build to Your Specifications

– Multiple Sizes
– Customized lifting hooks

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