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Matrax® Strong Plank Access Mat

Strong Plank steel flooring panels

Tired of traditional wood mats and steel frame rig mats that are bulky and expensive to transport?

How about composite plastic mats that are overpriced and easily damaged?

The Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat steel mats are a unique alternative to wood and composite plastic mats. They offer multiple uses, have a long life span, and are strong but at the same time very light and serviceable.

The Strong Plank mat is versatile, easily installed and removed, and ecologically friendly. The Strong Plank is manufactured from A606 Type 4 self-weathering rolled steel that is considerably more resistant to the degradation and damage that typically occurs with its timber and composite plastic counterparts.

See how the Strong Plank was used for Hilcorp Energy in 2014 in our product spotlight.


  • Standard size: 7.21′ x 14.42′ x 1.98″ thick
  • Usable surface area: 103.97 ft2
  • Approximate weight: 13.47 lbs. per square foot or 1,400 lbs. per mat
  • 30 mats (3,119 ft2) per truckload
  • Durable and long lasting: 15 to 20 years
  • Patented profile, roll formed 65 KSI steel
  • Deflects less than .01″ with a load of 450 psi centered on a simple 40″ span
  • Embossed anti-skid A606 self-weathering steel work surface
  • Corrugated underside to “grip” the subgrade and prevent sliding
  • Simple link and coupler connection system

Interested in more information on our Strong Plank mats? Download the Strong Plank Access Mat Spec Sheet.

The Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat can be utilized for many site access and temporary road building applications including:

Matrax Strong Plank Steel Plate Flooring

  • Temporary access road construction for power transmission projects, remediation jobs and other site access situations
  • Working platforms, equipment staging, temporary parking lots and flooring within temporary structures

The Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat can be placed over woven and non-woven geotextiles and impermeable liner materials to add a substantial layer of protection when accessing work locations with drill rigs, work trucks and other heavy construction equipment. It can also be placed in concert with or an alternative to geogrid/stone systems when crossing soft ground or wetland areas or when placed on improved roadway and parking lot subgrades.

Steel Road PlatesThe Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat can solve a multitude of site access challenges with a strong, resilient, lightweight alternative to inadequate plastic or cheaply made timber mats and can be reused many times making your investment in Strong Plank a financially sound decision.

For information on proper installation and removal procedures, download the Installation Handbook.

Matrax has used mats readily available, click here to see what’s in stock.

Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat Engineering Data

Load Capacity (Shear X-Direction) 546.08 kips
Load Capacity (Shear Y-Direction) 981.95 kips
Load Capacity (Moment X-Direction) 109.46 kip-ft
Load Capacity (Moment Y-Direction) 182.38 kip-ft
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