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3-Ply or 2-Ply Construction Timber Mats

TerraLam Timber mats

Matrax supplies the construction industry with a wide variety of sizes & types of hardwood timber (“swamp”) mats. We currently have two types of timber mats available; mixed hardwood and cross-laminated timber mats. Both are fantastic options that are specifically designed for heavy duty construction equipment. The real difference is how these two mats are put together.

Continue reading to figure out which timber mat best fits your job sites needs. Or if you know what timber mats you are looking for, simply give us a call at 855-628-7623 or click here to get a custom quote.

Matrax Timber Mats

Matrax timber mats are standard construction timber mats made from all natural hardwood (no preservatives). They are constructed using top quality bolts (100% bolts & no nails) and overlapping boards. Bolts provide a stronger bond than nails between the boards and prevent breaks during use.

Matrax mixed hardwood timber mats are available in 2-ply and custom lengths with the following specifications:

    • 8’ x 14’ x 5.75” Standard
    • Approximate weight: 2,150 to 2,800 lbs. per mat
    • 112 sq. ft. usable surface area
    • 18 to 21 mats per truckload on average
    • Mixed hardwoods, hybrids
    • 5,000 mats in our rental fleet
    • 2 Ply & custom lengths available

Timber Oil Field

TerraLam 300 (3-Ply) CLT Timber Mat

TerraLam 300 CLT timber mats weigh less than half the weight of traditional timber mats because they are not bolted together, they’re laminated. Although, laminated these timber mats are twice as strong and five times stiffer than traditional bolted mats. The revolutionary design ensures a strong, solid top, making them easy to clean to prevent site to site contamination.

Watch this timelapse video of the Matrax team laying over 30 TerraLam timber mats in under 8 minutes!

Explore the specifications of our TerraLam timber mat below:

    Matrax Laminated Timber Mats

    • 8’ x 14’ x 4.25” Standard
    • 112 sq. ft. usable surface area
    • Approximate weight: 1150 lbs. per mat
    • 36 mats per avg. truckload (2x standard!)
    • Superior Strength (25000 lbs.)

Laminate Timber Mats RoadLoading CLT Timber Mats


Matrax has thousands of timber mats staged in several areas of the Mid-Atlantic for rental on 24 hours notice. Matrax can review your job specifications and drawings, and recommend the most appropriate matting system configuration to meet the project requirements. Possible applications for 3-ply timber mats include:

    • Site access roadways
    • Construction staging areas
    • Working platforms
    • Protection of prepared subgrades
    • Access in soft/sensitive ground conditions
    • Protection of geotextiles and geogrid improved soil
    • Working platforms in the invert of excavations

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Used Timber Mats Available for Rent

Matrax has timber mats readily available, click here to see what’s in stock.

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