DURA-BASE® Composite Mats

DURA-BASE® Composite Mats

Wind Farm Composite MatsAre you looking for an alternative to traditional wood mats and steel frame rig mats that are bulky and expensive to transport?

Dura-Base® composite mats are the ideal heavy duty access solution for work sites and temporary access roads; engineered to provide a stable work platform, even in the most extreme environments.

Dura-Base® mats interlock on all four sides to offer an even work surface with no gapping. The interlocking system allows for the mats to conform to uneven terrain. A built-in anti-skid tread pattern on the surface provides traction for vehicles and helps to prevent slipping and falls as an additional safety measure

Dura-Base Composite Mat FeaturesDura-Base® composite mats are the original, against which all other composite mats are measured. Whether the job conditions are muddy, marshy, prairie lands, permafrost, wetlands or other environmentally sensitive areas, Dura-Base® will provide the protection, stability, and reliability you need. With a load bearing capacity of 600-psi, each double-sided mat measures 8’ x 14’ x 4” thick and weighs approximately 1000 lbs.

DURA-BASE® Key Features & Benefits

  • Single piece construction
  • Anti-static and UV-inhibitors extend the life and increase resiliency
  • Sealed design allows for decontamination cleaning
  • Field proven in extreme environments
  • Semi-buoyant in areas of extreme saturation, wetlands, and swamps
  • Overlapping lips and locking pins allow for a continuous and safe work surface
  • Variety of connection points for multiple mat configurations and versatility
  • Even distribution of weight for extremely heavy loads
  • Non-skid tread pattern for tracked or wheeled vehicles
  • Solid ground support in almost any soil condition and equipment type
  • Lighter than traditional solutions

Composite Mats for Parking Lots

Dura-Base® Mats Used for a Parking Lot

Dura-Base Ground Protection

Grass After Removal of Dura-Base® Mats

DURA-BASE® Applications

  • Temporary road and haul routes
  • Stable jobsite platform and staging areas
  • Ground protection in sensitive environments
  • Liner protection and spill reduction for oil & gas drill sites

Product Specifications

  • Overall Dimensions: 8′ x 14′ x 4″ (2.44m x 4.27m x 10.2cm)
  • Surface Dimensions: 7′ x 13′ (2.13m x 3.96m)
  • Weight: 1,000 lbs. (454 kg)
  • Load Bearing Capacity: 600-psi

Mat System Components & Installation

  • Overlap feature and locking pin combine to form a solid continuous surface
  • Locking pin secures the mats together
  • Mats are firmly secured together with a locking pin using a t-wrench tool
  • A pin extractor tool removes unlocked pins upon job completion

Heavy Duty Mat Installation Process

Dura-Base® Mat Installation

Installation of Dura-Base

Dura-Base® Mats

A crew size of two is recommended for simple installation. One crew member will operate the loader and bring mats to the area and the second will be on the ground guiding the mats into place, inserting then locking the pins. For increased efficiency and speed, a third crew member can assist the installer by supplying pins at each mat assembly and handling the pin extraction tool while the first installer is unlocking the pins during take-up or de-installation.  Stacking, moving and placement of the mats should be accomplished by heavy equipment.  A loader or forklift (with 5 ft. minimum fork length) typically serves the purpose.  However, any lifting device (crane, bobcat, etc.) may also be used to maneuver mats into place.

Used DURA-BASE® Composite Mats Available

Dura-Based Used Mats for SaleAre you looking for used heavy duty mats? We currently have a large inventory of used Dura-Base®  mats in our fleet.

Our Dura-Base®  mats are available for either purchase or rental based on your needs.

If you are interested in what used mats we have available right now. Click here to visit our used mats inventory page.

Do you still have questions about new or used Dura-Base® composite mats? Click here or call 855-628-7623 to contact a Matrax representative today for additional information.

Composite Mats for right of way access Composite Mats for a Temporary Pipeline Road
Dura-Base Temporary Road Golf Course Protection Mats
Dura-Base Temporary Road

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