Turf Protection

Matrax® Composite Portable Event Flooring and Turf Protection

High-performing event flooring is a critical component of any project. The composite matting system protects the natural and synthetic turf surface in your venue and serves as the working platform for all elements of the event. Loading requirements for the event flooring industry have increased as the size and associated wheel loading of equipment required to build and remove event infrastructure has become heavier and more sophisticated. It is essential that the varying types of loading and traffic needs are considered when deploying a composite matting system.

Designed for Fast, Easy Installation

Our thermoplastic composite mats are lightweight, have self-contained fastening systems, and can be installed safely and efficiently in a variety of configurations depending on the venue geometry and desired use. Small work crews and lightweight fork trucks can cover large surface areas in less than a day. Entire NFL football, FILA soccer and Major League Baseball stadiums have been transformed from sporting to concert events literally overnight!

Matrax has engineered our event flooring and turf protection mats to account for all the variables.  Our event flooring and turf protection solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of different types of venues, and load and traffic requirements:

  • Lightweight, easy-to-install event flooring used for tent flooring, walkways and roadways.
  • Heavy duty event flooring for areas with poor ground conditions, heavy load requirements and high traffic zones.
  • Portable event flooring used to convert ice rinks to usable, comfortable surfaces.
  • Ultimate flooring for turf protection, used for seating and walkways for up to 14 days without killing grass.

Composite Mat Accessories

Designed with the same durability and strength as the 4×4 composite mat, these optional accessories can enhance the system’s appearance and functionality:

  • ADA compliant ramps allow pedestrians and vehicles to move onto and off of the mats with ease
  • Edge support blocks protect the unsupported “male” edges and provide a finished look
  • Universal build joints allow for a bi-directional installation

For more information on our mat accessories, click here.

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