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Matrax® Composite Portable Event Flooring Protects Natural and Artificial Turf

Maintain control of your venue, protect playing surfaces and create safe, stable event flooring for workers, vehicles, and guests.

Available in heavy-duty (HD) drivable and light-duty (LD) pedestrian, Matrax 4×4 modular flooring panels can be integrated in any configuration to handle the specific turf protection needs of any stadium, sports complex or event venue. The HD heavy-duty closed-back panels were specifically designed to have full contact with the ground for maximum load spread for heavy wheel traffic and equipment. The LD light-panels are designed for load-spread of lighter equipment and pedestrian traffic. The translucent quality of both the HD and LD panels provide exposure to the sun for photosynthesis and aeration holes permit air and water to circulate, which further protects the grass and allows it to recover quickly after the panels have been removed.

The Most Versatile Turf Protection System on the Market

Our event flooring panels can be configured to create driving lanes and work platforms for areas requiring protection from heavy equipment and wheeled traffic with HD panels. LD panels can be used to create a smooth, hazard-free surface for pedestrian flooring and walkways. Add ADA compliant ramps to enhance the appearance, performance, and functionality of your event flooring system.

Fast, Efficient Installation

Gillette Stadium installs 120,000 square feet of Matrax 4×4 HD Event Flooring to protect their field during concerts and events. Watch the video to see why they chose Matrax. 

The Matrax Difference

  • Our turf protection system is engineered to handle thermal expansion between panels, so the surface stays smooth and free of trip hazards — even in extreme temperatures.
  • The translucent quality promotes photosynthesis when used to cover natural grass, so the panels can stay down longer than other portable event flooring options.
  • The vertical locking system is integrated into the panels and reinforced with structural ribbing. There are no loose parts, so nothing is left behind when the panels are removed.
  • Overlapping lips provide uniform lateral load transfer between panels to help mitigate damage to turf.
  • Lightweight and easy to install, handle and transport.
  • Manufacture with Virgin high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
  • ADA compliant ramps can be added to further enhance the performance of the event flooring system.
  • Available in gray or translucent white.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Made in the USA.

Matrax 4×4 HD Composite Mats

For events and projects requiring a robust turf protection system, Matrax 4×4 HD is the high-performance event flooring solution. The closed-back design provides full contact with the ground, improved load spread and a lower degree of heat stress, thereby mitigating damage to artificial and natural turf. With a wheel load of 300 psi, yet weighing only 50 pounds, these tough and durable panels can handle fully-loaded semi-trucks, cranes, and loaders.

Matrax 4×4 LD Composite Mats

Ideal for tent flooring, temporary structures, commencement ceremonies and safe pedestrian walkways, Matrax light duty panels lock together to create a smooth, contiguous surface. Made of translucent high-density polyethylene (HDPE), they feature aeration holes to allow light, oxygen and water drainage to help mitigate damage to natural grass.

Composite Mat Accessories

Designed with the same durability and strength as the 4×4 composite mat, these optional accessories can enhance the system’s appearance and functionality:

  • ADA compliant ramps allow pedestrians and vehicles to move onto and off of the mats with safety and ease.
  • Edge support blocks protect the unsupported “male” edges and provide a finished look.
  • Universal build joints allow for a bi-directional installation.

For more information on our mat accessories, click here.


The Matrax portable flooring system is the ideal option for stadiums managers needing to protect both natural and artificial turf during special event, renovations and routine maintenance projects. The versatility of the system also makes it ideal for:

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Download our Matrax 4×4 Modular Flooring Brochure here.
  • Stadium Event Flooring
  • Modular Structure and Tent Flooring
  • Equipment Staging Areas
  • Work Platforms
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Hardscape Protection
  • Temporary Parking Lots

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