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Matrax Event Flooring and Athletic Field Protection

King County Directors’ Association (KCDA) has awarded a contract to Matrax Inc. for the acquisition of event flooring that is designed to protect athletic fields and hardscaping during non-sporting events such as commencements, conferences and entertainment events. Lightweight and portable, Matrax event flooring is available in fully drivable heavy duty, which can also be used during construction, restoration and maintenance projects, and light duty for trip-free pedestrian traffic.

Light duty and heavy duty panels are designed to integrate seamlessly, enabling the system to be configured to meet the needs of each event or project. For more information about the Matrax event flooring products, please go to Matraxinc.com.

Light Duty Flooring for Graduation

Contract Number: 18-416

Contract Expiration Date: April 30, 2019

KCDA Contract Pricing: For a quote or assistance with the creation of a custom flooring system, please contact:

Nicole Andrews
Managing Director of Global Sales, Matrax Inc.
Stadiums and Event Flooring

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