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Matrax and ProBio Products team up to help natural sports turf recover faster after high traffic events.

Matrax has partnered with XL ProBio Products, specialists in natural plant health, to bring sports turf managers a range of carefully audited “species rich diversity (SRD)” sports turf products.

Mitigate Turf Damage and Speed Recovery

Matrax 4x4 Stadium Turf Protection
Matrax 4×4 turf protection – Bankwest Stadium

The installation of high-performance Matrax 4×4 event flooring is an effective way to mitigate irreparable damage to natural grass during stadium concerts and other punishing events. Heavy wheeled equipment, stages, video walls and large crowds compact the grass and soil, which puts undue stress on the plant and inhibits growth. To help ensure a quicker turnaround of the field from event to being game ready, the BioLift Turf Treatment is a powerful strategy to redress the imbalance of biology in your growing profile.

100% Organic

BioLift Turf Treatment is an easy-to-use liquid biology replacement for use on any sports turf area and is derived from totally organic products with no chemical additives. BioLift increases the volume of beneficial biology in your growing medium. It adds to and “lifts” the biological activity of beneficial fungi (bacteria) mycorrhizae and protozoa which should be present in your soil. The good biology in BioLift sticks to the plant roots protecting and feeding on the bad biology that wants to attack and infect the roots. The micro-organisms are also natural plant hormones which encourages root growth and strengthens plant tissue.

BioLift is not a fertilizer. The beneficial biology will feed off thatch in the rootzone and enhance the cationic exchange of nutrients, to convert your fertilizers into a form more available to the plant.

Ready to Use

BioLift Turf Treatment for Stadiums
BioLift turf Treatment applied through the irrigation system.

BioLift is available in 10-liter cans (2 cans per outer) and will treat up to 1 hectare. For best results, use BioLift in a balanced program with:

  • ReviTEAlised compost tea
  • BioStim Humic/Fulvic Bio Stimulant
  • BioTop Turf top dressing

BioLift can also be tank mixed with BioStim and ReviTEAlised.

BioLift can be applied neat from the bottle or through sophisticated irrigation systems with pressure below 5bar. Factors such as how long the flooring will be down, site conditions, and plant and soil health will inform specific application recommendations. For high disease periods or larger problem areas, please consult with an XL ProBio specialist. Store in a dark cool place.  Store away from chemicals. Keep frost free. Use within 6 months of purchase. Complies with Organic Certification EU-Bio 2092/91 7 EC 834/2007.

General Application Guidelines

For best results, apply 10 to 14 days before the Matrax 4×4 event flooring is installed and again after it is removed.

Application Dilution Rate & Method
Spot treatment for damaged areas Apply neat to affected areas
Large areas 10-liter applied 1ha in as much water as it takes to apply dosage
Small areas 20 mil in 4.5 liters of water applied to 15 square meters

Safe for Play Immediately

BioLift Turf Recovery
BioLift restores the soil and allows the grass to recover.
Concert event leaves sports turf and soil compacted on a soccer pitch in the UK.

Because no chemicals are used in BioLift – the basic ingredient is derived from plant sources – play on the surface can reconvene immediately after application.

Learn How Matrax 4×4 Event Flooring and Biolift Can Keep Your SportsTurf Game Ready 

For independent research data conducted at Ohio State University about vermi Compost and vermi Compost tea, please visit https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Clive_Edwards2/amp#research

Matrax Inc. is an approved XL ProBio distributor.

For more information, contact Nicole Andrews:  410-983-9474; nandrews@matraxinc.com

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