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Introducing Matrax 4×8 TNG Ground Protection Mats

Just “Throw ‘n’ Go”

At just 75 lbs., the Matrax 4×8 TNG ground protection mat is the lightest ground protection mat on the market — making them easy to install and move around the job site with just 2 crew members and no special equipment

Pays for Itself in Less Than 4 Uses

Matrax 4x8 TNG - protects from ruttingManufactured with 100% virgin high-density polyethylene plastic, the Matrax 4×8 TNG ground protection mats are ideal for temporary site access. Tough and robust, they can handle wheeled equipment while following the contour of the terrain without breaking. The tread pattern on both sides of the mats helps provide contact with the ground and creates a safe surface for workers and wheeled equipment. This reusable asset offers extreme durability and will deliver a return on your investment within 4 uses.


Ideal for a wide range of projects and site conditions, Matrax 4×8 TNG ground protection mats can be used for safe site access, improvement of soft and unstable ground, and provides protection of irreparable damage to lawns and green space. Able to support 80-ton loads, it will support wheeled equipment, small machinery and workers.  

  • Protects against rutting and irreparable damage to grass, and sensitive grounds:
    • Landscaping and tree maintenance
    • Pool installation
    • Golf course maintenance
    • Cemetery grounds work
    • Building repair and maintenance
    • Sports field turf maintenance
  • Provides safe site access onto soft, uneven and undulating ground
  • Creates safe pedestrian walkways
    • Outdoor events
    • Construction sites
    • Beach Access

Matrax 4x8 TNG Ground Protection Mats The First Injection-molded 4′ x 8′ Composite Mat on the Market

The injection-molding process produces ground protection mats that ensure product consistency, quality and strength. Matrax uses virgin, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic — no recycled material. Injection molded HDPE materials are lightweight and strong. HDPE also has a high tensile strength, chemical and heat resistance, surface hardness and abrasion resistance.

Why Buy Matrax 4×8 TNG Ground Protection Mats Instead of  Plywood?

Unlike plywood that warps, splinters and degrades quickly, the Matrax 4×8 TNG ground protection mats are weather resistant, will not absorb oil and contaminants, are easy to clean and will maintain their properties over many uses.


  • At just 75 lbs, the light mat weight enables quick installation
  • Ergonomic hand holes are molded into every mat and come standard for easy handling
  • The translucent-white color helps keep the mat cooler in high heat and allows light to filter through, helping to mitigate damage to grass and sensitive ground cover
  • Holes in all four corners allow mats to be connected with zip ties or cleats
  • Standard white translucent color helps protect grass from burning in high heat
  • The low profile, gripping tread pattern on both sides helps reduce slippage, and is offset from side to side to prevent point loading and to permit mats to be stacked perfectly aligned on a pallet or in a truck bed
  • Made of HDPE plastic, the mats will not warp, splinter and degrade, even in excessive heat and cold, will not absorb oil and other chemicals and is easy to clean.
Dimensions 4' x 8' x .5"
Weight 75 Pounds
Material Virgin High-density Polyethylene
Color White (Standard)
Surface Texture Griping Tread Pattern on Both Sides
Hand Holds Included

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