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Protect Valuable Hardscape From Damage During Building Renovations and Repairs

The heavy construction equipment used during building repairs and renovations can cause irreparable damage to vulnerable and expensive hardscapes. The Matrax 4×4 matting system provides an efficient and effective solution.

Matrax Mats. Hardscape Protection. Thurgood Marshall Judiciary Building. Architect of the Capitol
Matrax 4×4 modular panels were installed at the Thurgood Marshall Judiciary Building in Washington D.C. to protect the stone pavers during renovations to the facade.

Heavy-Duty HD & Light-Duty LD

Matrax HD_Stone paver Protection
Matrax 4×4 HD protects the pavers during renovations at the University of North Florida

Available in heavy-duty HD drivable and light-duty LD pedestrian grades, the Matrax 4×4 panels lock together to provide a safe, stable and robust surface for workers and equipment. The heavy-duty drivable panels can support fully loaded tractor trailers, cranes, loaders and other wheeled equipment.

The light duty panels provide excellent protection against scaring, chipping and cracking during construction. HD and LD panels are designed to integrate seamlessly, so contractors can configure the panels to provide the coverage needed where they need it.  They also provide a great alternative to plywood for constructing safe, trip-free pedestrian walkways through and around work zones.  ADA compliant ramps can be added for enhanced functionality.

Why Use Matrax Versus Other Options?

  • Panels lock together to create a stable, safe surface
  • Panels can be easily cut on the job site with a circular saw for a custom fit in tight areas
  • No special equipment is needed for installation or removal
  • Light-weight yet robust, this versatile matting system can be quickly and easily and moved with a small work crew
  • Panels are engineered for multiple uses over many years, so they will provide a good return on investment

15,000 square feet of Matrax 4×4 HD panels were used to protect Wrigley Field’s plaza area during renovations to the stadium.

Matrax 4×4 protect the concrete panels during renovations at the Washington Monument

Matrax 4×4 Matting Specifications:

  • Usable Platform Area: 13.5 square feet
  • Weight: HD 50 lbs, LD 30.5 lbs
  • Compressive Strength: HD 450 psi, LD 225 psi

For complete specifications and installation guidelines, visit our resource center.

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