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Matrax 4×4 HD Drivable – Portable Lightweight Composite Flooring System Designed for Fast, Easy Installation

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Engineered, portable event flooring is a critical element for successful mobilization and demobilization of any event. The Matrax 4×4 flooring system is a portable solution for tent flooring, walkways, turf protection, heavy staging, extreme loads and rubber-tired vehicle pathways. Engineered for ease of installation and maximum performance, it meets the challenges associated with transforming venues for major events.

Your Engineered, Drivable Solution

The injection-molded HDPE panels feature a solid back measuring 4’ x 4’ x 1.5” thick. The interlocking panels are engineered to sustain varying types of loading, including stage setup, large cranes, fully-loaded tractor trailers and other wheeled traffic.

The individual components of the Matrax turf protection flooring system have been designed to work in conjunction with one another to create a cover system that will protect athletic turf surfaces from the rigors of a non-sporting event. The system easy to install and provides a safe, strong and durable working surface for the event. Matrax utilizes a vertical locking system, with 4” overlapping flanges or “lips” to interlock individual panels to one other, creating a smooth surface that is free from trip hazards.

A super tough nylon material was selected for the cam lock component that will not rust or corrode, thus ensuring a long service life. The cam lock or “pin” provides the strength necessary to allow two panels to remain locked together during handling. The mats are shipped to the location and stored on 4′ x 8′ pallets in a two panel configuration, making installation, removal and storage more efficient. The overlapping upper and lower lips are reinforced with structural ribbing adding rigidity. This structural element allows for a smooth transition between the locks and along the entire length of the adjoining panels. The overlapping lips also prevent liquids and debris that may be spilled on the surface from reaching the turf below.

Molded pegs on the lower lips and corresponding sockets on the upper lips transfer lateral loads between individual panels in all directions and function as an aligning mechanism for the panels during installation. In addition, the overlapping and interlocking components are engineered and manufactured with tolerances designed to allow thermal expansion and contraction to occur without any interference between the panels thereby eliminating buckling and uneven surfaces. Each panel has an embossed diamond plate pattern on the top surface to provide a non-skid surface and solid lower skins that provide a 100% contact area with no voids. This feature spreads loads evenly over the entire area of the mat minimizing the overall load transferred to the turf below. The internal structure of each panel has a combination of ribs and cylinders that give the product a very high strength to weight ratio. The unique design lowers the density of ribs without compromising strength. The internal geometry combined with the physical properties of the product results in a mat that attains a load rating of 80,000 pounds per square foot.

  • Each panel can be overlapped and interlocked with other panels creating a smooth, hazard-free surface.
  • The streamlined, integrated interlocking system consists of five retained fasteners per panel that are engaged and disengaged by rotating them ninety degrees with the installation tool provided.
  • The lightweight design and fastening technology minimizes worker bending, eliminates the need for loose components, and contributes to a safe and efficient job site environment.
  • The durable design can sustain the varying types of vehicular, stage, sound system and other structural loading and wheeled traffic stress, and is compact and economical enough for chair setups, tent flooring and pedestrian pathways.
  • Integrates with the Matrax 4×4 LD Composite Mat, offering extreme versatility.

The Most Versatile Mat in Its Class

Matrax HD - Work Platform_Camel Back Resources
Work Platform

Primary Use: Drivable Event Flooring Solution

Dimensions:  4 x 4 feet, 1.5 inches thick

Properties:  100% HDPE (high-density polyethylene plastic)

Usable Surface Area:  13.5 square feet

Weight:  50 lbs

Field Connection:  Nylon Cam Lock System

Total Square Feet per Truckload:  11,340

Colors:  Gray & White (Translucent)

Compressive Strength Max Wheel Load Max Allowable Deflection Temperature Range Burn Rating Surface Texture
450 psi 300 psi 3 in 4°F - 113°F UL 94-HB Diamond / ADA Compliant


The Matrax system is custom designed for use in stadiums and other large-scale venues that need to accommodate vehicles such as tractor trailers, heavy equipment staging areas, and work platforms during concerts and other non-sporting events.

Other applications include:

thumbnail of 2018 4 x 4 Product Booklet_SpreadsClick here to see examples of Matrax 4×4 flooring installations in stadiums, modular structures, industrial applications and for use as pedestrian walkways.


Published third party testing has proven the Matrax closed-back system displays a lower degree of heat stress symptoms in summer compared to other systems. The translucent color permits sunlight, thus promoting natural grass growth for up to 14 days. Each panel has an embossed diamond plate pattern on the top surface to provide a non-skid surface and solid lower skins that provide a 100% contact area with no voids. Molded pegs on the lower lips and corresponding sockets on the upper lips transfer lateral loads between individual panels. These features provide for an even distribution of load over the entire area of the mat, minimizing the overall load transferred to the turf below, thus creating a completely drivable surface. The lightweight assembly allows for easy installation, handling, and transporting. The HDPE material is 100% recyclable and is proudly manufactured in the USA.


Optional accessories are available to enhance the appearance, function and protection of the mats. Manufactured of the same high quality HDPE material, they offer the same strength and durability as the mats.

  • ADA compliant ramps permit the access of vehicles and pedestrians.
  • In areas where ramps are installed on adjacent sides of the mat, corners are available to create a smooth transition from either direction of ingress or egress, thereby eliminating trip hazards.
  • Edge blocks are also available in both locking and non-locking configurations to protect the exposed mat edges and extend the life-span of the mat system.
  • Universal build joints allow for a bi-directional installation. As a result of the overlapping wedge design, it is the only drivable mat build joint on the market.

Click here for more information on Matrax 4×4 mat accessories.

Production Facility

The Matrax 4×4 composite matting system is manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified plant. The plant has the capacity to run 24 hours/day, 7 days/week as workloads dictate. This highly mechanized system coupled with high quality virgin thermoplastics produces a precision mat. Each mat is virtually identical to another which translates into a very efficient and easily installed system.


As documented in the installation handbook, care needs to be taken when organizing and laying the mat configuration pattern in preparation of a large installation. Once the planned configuration has been laid out on the field, the actual installation can commence. It should be noted that at least one Supervisor should be present during the installation at all times.

Single Crew Configurations

  • Supervisor -1 (only one supervisor is needed per 2 crews)
  • Forklift Operator – 1
  • Installers (laborers) – 2
  • Locking the System (one laborer using the T bar cam lock tool) – 1
  • Crew Production = 4,000 Square Feet per Hour

Note: Additional Crews in the Single Crew Configuration described above will decrease the total installation time.

4×4 Composite Mats Storage Requirements

  • One 4 x 8 pallet (60 mats) = 810 ft2 (75.25 m2) per pallet
  • Footprint of one 4 x 8 pallet = 32 ft2 (2.97 m2)
  • Three 4 x 8 pallets stacked one atop another = 2,430 ft2 (225.75 m2) in one 4 x 8 (stacked) footprint
  • Forty-six stacked 4 x 8 footprints (111,780 ft2 or 10,384.70 m2 of field cover) = 1,600 ft2 or 148.6 m2 of storage area
  • Stacks of three pallets = 10.5 feet in height (3.2 meters)
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