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High-Performance Flooring for Prefabricated Structures

When erecting or building temporary structures such as warehouses, storage tents or aircraft hangars, selecting the proper ground cover system is critical. An ideal ground cover and flooring system can maintain worker safety and provide a stable base for the equipment housed inside. Matrax’s portable ground covering and flooring solution provides an even, stable surface for workers, equipment, and vehicles while also protecting sensitive natural grass areas.

Matrax 4×4 Composite mats are portable, thermoplastic, high density polyethylene panels engineered for use as walkways, work platforms, roads, and temporary parking areas. With a maximum wheel load of 300 psi, these HDPE panels can sustain a variety of vehicles including tractor trailers, cranes, forklifts, and other rubber-tired utility vehicles – an ideal ground cover solution for use in temporary structures.

Versatile Design

Matrax composite mats are designed with a diamond patterned skid- and slip-resistant surface to maintain worker and pedestrian safety and comply with ADA regulations. Each panel consists of two four-inch, overlapping upper and lower “lips” and five built-in fasteners that lock when rotated ninety degrees. The lips are reinforced with structural ribbing and the fasteners are made of a resilient nylon material that resists rust and corrosion.

The panel lips and the rotating pins eliminate the need for loose components. Locking panels together creates a smooth, flat, surface free of raised elements that might damage tires or become safety hazards. These lips also prevent liquids from penetrating the spaces between panels which not only protects the turf below, but also provides a surface that can easily be cleaned and reused.

In addition to the above features, the lips and pins are designed to allow for natural expansion and contraction caused by temperature fluctuations, preventing warping and bulging. The structural design of each panel gives it high compression strength which allows it to withstand loads of over 80,000 pounds per square foot.

Product Specifications

Weight per mat 50 lbs
Usable Surface Area 13.5 sf
Thickness 1.5 in
Compression Strength
(Based on an intermittent load on a 12” x 12” area)
450 psi
Maximum Wheel Load(Rubber tire @<5 mph with a minimum contact area of 300 psi 2,068 kps 9 square inches over level surface @ 72 F) 300 psi
Colors Gray & Translucent

Temporary Modular Structure Flooring Applications

When building a temporary structure, the ability to erect it quickly is often the primary concern. Matrax 4×4 Composite mats are lightweight and easily transportable and their fastening design allows for fast installation. The mats are shipped on 4×8 pallets in a two panel configuration allowing for even greater efficiency.

This Matrax ground cover system is ideal for a variety of temporary structures and flooring applications including:

  • Temporary parking structures, aircraft hangars, or pathways for utility vehicles.
  • Flooring for fabric structure buildings, including portable event and storage tents.
  • Temporary warehouses, equipment maintenance, fabrication structures and vehicle warm-up.
  • Emergency relief and rapid response shelters.

Having a smooth and stable surface for workers and equipment is critical need for any temporary structure. The Matrax 4X4 flooring system provides a versatile solution for any project or climate.

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