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Matrax Commercial Site Restoration Services

Before Hydroseeding

Before Hydroseeding

After Hydroseeding

After Hydroseeding

When is Matrax Site Restoration Needed?

Site restoration is needed on power transmission projects in conformance with approved sediment & erosion control and permanent seeding specifications. Below are some of the many types of commercial sites that fit our 3 acre minimum & require restoration:

  • Construction sites
  • Staging and equipment storage areas
  • Temporary roadways and walkways
  • Approach roadways
  • New or rehabilitated cut and fill slopes
  • Mine reclamation sites
  • Environmentally sensitive areas
  • Sediment & Erosion control requirements

Every Restoration Project is Different

Matrax works closely with our commercial clients to fully understand the restoration services required for each project. Our personnel will:

  1. review project specifications and drawings
  2. visit the site of the work
  3. meet with designated on-site representatives of the owner/contractor
  4. supply the correct seed mixtures
  5. dispatch our crews and equipment in a timely manner

Matrax will obtain, mix and spread the specified mixtures in the required coverage volumes per measured unit so that growth starts as quickly as possible. Matrax will advise our customers with suggestions and alternatives that may improve the initial growth and speed and complete the seeding process in the shortest possible time.

Our equipment and crews are positioned in the mid-Atlantic area to complete a minimum three-acre project in approximately one day. Matrax owns & operates truck mounted hydroseeders, straw blowers, & other equipment needed to access and restore all types of terrain.

Whether the restoration is temporary or permanent, Matrax has the facilities and engineering capabilities to fully understand our customer’s needs and the equipment and manpower to respond quickly, carefully, and effectively complete any restoration project over 3 acres.

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