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Matrax Strong Trench Shield End Plate vs. Traditional Trench Support Systems

matrax trench shield 2One of the challenges during trench excavation is the selection of a system that supports the end limits (or in the width direction) of an open trench and integrates seamlessly with traditional trench boxes, sheet piling and other temporary shoring systems. The goal is to safely stabilize the exposed soils at the ends of the trench so that pipe installation, maintenance and emergency repairs can be completed safely and efficiently.

Another critical element is the use of a trench support system that does not damage active pipelines and associated coatings. Traditional end support methods are often crude and poorly implemented. These “on the fly” methods often result in damages to the pipeline they were intended to protect.

The Matrax Strong Shield trench end plate is a revolutionary concept in shoring. It is an engineered product that is safe, easy to install and will not damage pipes or pipe coatings when installed. The Matrax Strong shield has a rubber gasket around the “dog house” opening designed specifically to protect critical piping exteriors and coatings.

Matrax Trench ShieldThe Matrax Strong Shield trench end plate is manufactured using A606, Type 4 GR70, High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel planks offering improved corrosion resistance when compared to carbon steel. Type 4 is approximately 20% to 30% lighter than carbon steel and is ideal for use in situations where a high strength-to-weight ratio is desirable. In addition to its use in Matrax products, A606 Type 4 GR70 steel is found in many applications such as automotive, truck and bus frames; building structural components; cranes and derricks.

The Matrax Strong Shield trench end plate is engineered for use in excavations constructed in accordance with OSHA CFR 29, Part 1926, Subpart P, and classified by a competent person as Type A, B or C. Let Matrax solve one of the more difficult aspects of trench construction using the Matrax Strong Shield to increase efficiency, improve safety, and provide a working environment that increases productivity.

“The Matrax Strong Shield has been performing wonderfully for us in the field.”

Mike Shaekel, Roberts Pipeline, Vevay, Indiana

Matrax Strong Trench Shield End Plate Properties

  • Dimensions: 10’ x 13’
  • Weight: 1,700 lbs
  • Material: A606 Type 4 GR70; “Dog House” Opening – Lined with rubber bumper
  • Panel Capacity: 300 PSF
  • Soil Type: A, B or C – Max Depth 10”

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