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Used Mats Available for Immediate Delivery

Crane Mats Currently Available in Spartanburg, SC

Specifications:  4′ x 24′ x 12″ thick

Grade: A, Built in October, 2019

Grade A Used Crane Mats Elkridge, MD

Crane Mats Currently Available in Jacksonville, FL

Specifications:  4′ x 20′ x 12″ thick

Grade: A

Depending on your application and budget, used mats can be a good solution for your project. We offer a wide range of good quality used mats for sale at competitive prices from multiple locations around the country.  We have a large inventory of crane mats of all sizes, 8′ x 14′ timber mats and 4’ x 8’ ground protection mats available for immediate delivery. Call for photos, pricing and quantities.

Our grading guidelines:

Grade A:  Mats have minimal wear. Timbers and rods are intact. Mats may be discolored.

Grade B: Mats are intact and timbers may have slightly loosened between rods, but are still usable. Edges may be worn. Grade B mats generally can be used for one or two additional projects and are ideal for areas needing multiple layers.

Grade C: Mats have significant wear and may have missing or broken rods. In general, Matrax will only sell Grade C mats for projects needing a foundation for additional mats or as filler in deep areas. They are not recommended for heavy equipment.

Our inventory of used mats fluctuates daily, so please call us for quantities, grades, photos and prices.

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