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MegaDeck® HD Heavy Duty Composite Construction  Matting

MegaDeck HD heavy duty construction mats_Matrax Site Access Solutions Create Strong, Stable Site Access Roads and Work Zones

MegaDeck® HD composite construction mats are designed to perform in high-traffic construction applications, power transmission and distribution, oil rig and emergency response situations.

Engineered for load-spread, MegaDeck® HD mats feature a cross-ribbed interior and an over-hanging flange that distributes weight safely from mat to mat. The mats lock together to create safe, stable temporary access roads and work platforms that will not shift and “hop” under heavy equipment.

MegaDeck® HD composite mats are easy to install using a T-Bar tool to lock the panels together in variety of configurations to meet the requirements of any job site.

MegaDeck HD heavy duty interlocking composite construction mats_Matrax Site Access Solutions

Environmentally Friendly

The sealed design keeps oils and chemicals from penetrating the mats. Easy to clean and maintain, they reduce the risk of cross contamination from site to site, making them ideal for environmentally sensitive areas.

Designed for Long-Lasting Durability

Made with HDPE plastic, MegaDeck® HD mats are suitable for extreme temperatures and excessively wet conditions. Unlike wood, they will not splinter, rot or warp and are extremely long-lasting.

MegaDeck HD heavy duty site access construction mats. MegaDeck® HD Mat Specifications:

Dimensions: 7.5′ x 14′ x 4″ High

Weight: 1,095 lbs

Weight Load: 60 psi, depending on subsurface conditions

Shipping Specifications: Up to 43 mats on a standard truck

Click here to download the MegaDeck® HD spec sheet.

Matrax is a Signature Systems company. Since 1998, Signature has been at the forefront of manufacturing high-quality composite matting solutions designed for use in multiple industries and project applications.

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