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Matrax 4×4: the Superior Choice for Safe Temporary Pedestrian Walkways

Temporary Walkway During High School Renovation

Made of tough, high density polyethylene plastic, Matrax 4×4 panels lock together to create a stable and trip-free surface for temporary pedestrian walkways. Extremely tough yet light weight and easy to handle, the 4′ x 4′ foot panels can be installed quickly and easily in any combination with a small work crew and no special equipment. Unlike plywood which warps, splinters and degrades and is often discarded at the end of a job, these panels can be moved around the job site and reused for years to come, giving contractors a significant return on investment.

The Most Versatile Modular Matting System on the Market

Available in HD heavy duty drivable and light duty LD pedestrian, the modular panels can be integrated to allow installers to create a passageway that meets the specific needs of their project or job site. Create driving lanes with HD panels for heavy wheeled equipment and pedestrian walkways with LD panels. Add ADA compliant ramps for enhanced performance and functionality.

Pedestrian Walkway During Sidewalk Replacement, FDA, Laurel, Maryland

Turf Protection, Washington Monument


  • Pedestrian passage around work zones
  • Safe access for work crews on construction sites
  • Access onto beaches and other recreational areas with soft ground for people with disabilities
  • Temporary work platforms and staging areas
  • Turf protection during events
  • Temporary pathways for heavy wheeled equipment

Why Matrax versus Other Options?

  • Add ADA compliant ramps for enhanced functionality and safety
  • Fast and easy installation – no special equipment needed
  • Easy to maintain and clean – adds to the aesthetics of any project
  • Locks together to maintain a smooth surface free of trip hazards
  • Superior alternative to plywood, which warps, splinters and degrades and does not lock together
  • Tough and long-lasting and able to be used for multiple installations over many years
  • Provides ground protection in sensitive areas
  • Provides safe accessibility for people with disabilities, wheelchairs, walkers and strollers

ADA Compliant Pedestrian Walkway, the National Mall

Beach Access Matting, Ocean Gate, New Jersey

Product Specifications

Matax 4×4 HD Heavy Duty Mats 

Matrax 4×4 LD Light Duty Mats 

Matrax 4×4 Matting System Accessories

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Christ Church Pedestrian Walkway, Greenwich, CT

VA Hospital Renovation, Fresno, CA

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