Matrax Provides Wheelchair Beach Access For Children


Parents of disabled children have had a difficult time in New Jersey showing their children the beauty of the beach due to the lack of wheelchair accessibility. 

Jessica Krill, a Seaside Park New Jersey mom, has been struggling for years with the lack of handicap accessibility for her two children with special needs.

This June, Krill focused specifically on campaigning to improve the accessibility of Seaside Park beaches. Currently, wheelchair access ends at the dune line.  Thus, handicapped individuals were limited to either using a specific type of wheelchair or have a third party carry them.

Krill believes families with disabilities should have equal opportunity to enjoy the beach.  This conviction inspired her to organize a grassroots non-profit “Beach Days for All” with Chris Aldrich, an Ocean County Fire Coordinator, to convert all New Jersey beaches to full accessibility.

Matrax Co-founder Joe Wright immediately saw an opportunity to support this initiative and offer a solution with the Matrax 4×4 ADA compliant accessibility mats. Once installed, the matting system will extend 75 feet toward the water and branch out into t-shaped offshoots extending an additional 50 feet to create wheelchair access directly up to the ocean.

Matrax donates 4 x 4 mates to Beach Days for All
We are pleased to be able to donate our time and the accessibility mats to Beach Days for All. The system will help to ensure anyone with physical disabilities has the opportunity to visit the beach.

NJ Borough Administrator Bob Martucci checked to see if the Matrax covers were suitable for a play sand texture. He was impressed with what he found.

“It’s a nylon type of material. It’s made like diamond plate and it hooks together. And it’s very solid. We drove an 8-ton loader over it five times and it didn’t budge” He said. “It held the contour of the beach beautifully. If you look at it right now it almost looks like a little ski slope … [They are] a great group to work with and obviously they got a heart. To donate this kind of product to trial on a beach like this is a great thing.”

The Beach Days for All initiative continues to see great progress.  The Seaside Park Council recently approved a fully handicap-accessible beach at North Avenue in Krill’s home town.

Beach Days for All also received five donated beach wheelchairs and five reclining wheelchairs. Another donor has volunteered to supply 15 more wheelchairs and Krill intends to make these wheelchairs available to families daily.

Handicap accessible 4 x 4 composite mats

Krill believes the Matrax 4×4 mats are “the product to have” if towns are considering a similar program to make their beaches handicap accessible to all and adds  “I could not have done this without Matrax. Words will never be enough.”  Matrax is humbled and honored to be in a unique position to support this initiative and give back to the community.

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