Gillette Stadium – Going Beyond the Games with Matrax 4×4 Event Flooring

Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots and the New England Revolution, is also a world-class entertainment venue and ranked by Pollstar as the ninth busiest stadium in the world. Protecting the field and managing their aggressive event schedule are critical issues for stadium managers. The need to construct complex stages, video walls, lighting and sound systems for increasingly elaborate events requires heavy equipment to be driven onto the field, putting it at risk of irreparable damage. Gillette Stadium selected Matrax 4×4 event flooring to help ensure the quality and consistency of their playing field is maintained at the highest level.

Old panels and new panels integrate seamlessly.

“One of the key factors in bringing in world class events is the turnaround time — bringing in one event to the next event and having that efficient turnover. If we did not have a product like Matrax, we would not be able to turn around the building as quickly, and we would not be able to put as much onto the calendar as we do. Matrax put a lot of thought and best-in-class service into the design of their system. That’s one of the reasons we selected them.” Jason Stone, Senior Director of Stadium and Site Operations, Gillette Stadium

The ability to install the flooring system quickly and efficiently is another key factor in the stadium’s ability to manage their event schedule. In just 10 hours, 30 installers, 2 supervisors and 4 forklifts can lay down 120,000 square feet of Matrax 4×4 event flooring.

Gillette Stadium initially rented the Matrax 4×4 panels to supplement their existing turf protection system. They were so impressed with its performance, they purchased 70,000

square feet – enough to cover the playing surface. For this concert season, they purchased an additional 40,000 square feet to extend the coverage to the seating area.

“The Matrax system is lighter and more durable than the system we used in the past. We can drive semi-trucks, fork lifts and loaders all over the floor at any point we want. Time and money are what we save.” Rob Strum, Operations Manager, C&W Services for Gillette Stadium

Matrax. The evolution of turf protection.

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