Introducing Matrax 4×8 TNG Ground Protection Mats

Newfoundland, N.J.  Building on its success as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance, heavy-duty drivable portable flooring, Matrax is proud to introduce the Matrax 4×8 TNG Ground Protection Mat.

The First Injection-molded 4′ x 8′ Composite Mat on the Market

The injection-molding process produces ground protection mats that ensure product consistency, quality and strength. Matrax uses virgin, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic — no recycled material. Injection molded HDPE materials are lightweight and strong. HDPE also has a high tensile strength, chemical and heat resistance, surface hardness and abrasion resistance.

Designed to “Throw ‘n’ Go!”

Weighing in at 70 lbs, Matrax 4×8 TNG ground protection mats are considerably lighter than other 4′ x 8′ mats, creating less stress on workers and helping to reduce freight costs. Other distinctive features include:

  • Ergonomic hand holds and connection holes molded into the mat during the production process. Typically holes are rough cut into mats post-production, which adds stress to the mat.
  • The mats are designed with a unique, non-mirrored tread design from side A to side B. A vertical cleat line on side A aligns with a horizontal cleat line at that same location on side B. This prevents point loading and allows mats to be stacked perfectly aligned on a pallet or in a truck bed –  on need to offset the mats for stacking.
  • The Matrax 4×8 TNG mat is white with a certain factor of translucency to keep the mat cooler and allow light to pass through. This helps reduce heat stress to guard against burning or damaging grassy areas.
  • The connection holes are placed to align with other mats on the market, so users can easily connect them with existing inventory.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications

Matrax 4x8 TNG Ground Protection Mat- Concrete Protection

The Matrax 4×8 TNG Mat is designed to provide safe site access, improve soft and unstable ground conditions, and provide protection against irreparable rutting and other damage to turf and green spaces. The mats will safely support wheeled equipment, machinery and workers. The mats can also be used to create pedestrian walkways through and around construction sites. The ideal alternative to plywood, Matrax 4×8 TNG Mats will not splinter, warp or degrade, are resistant to chemical absorption, and can be used for multiple projects over many years.

Factory-Direct Pricing

As the manufacturer and distributor of the Matrax 4×8 TNG ground protection mats, Matrax is offering factory-direct pricing at $175/mat.

The Matrax Difference

Matrax is the designer, engineer and manufacturer of high-quality injection-molded HDPE flooring and site access matting products. With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, we place an extremely high value on product quality, consistency and proven field performance. Our flagship product, the Matrax 4×4 Portable Flooring System is in use in a wide range of applications both domestically and internationally and has stood up to the most punishing environments and uses. We are proud to introduce the first injection-molded ground protection mat to the site access market. Like our portable flooring mats, the Matrax 4×8 TNG Ground Protection Mat is engineered and manufactured to deliver a high-level of performance and will last for many uses for years to come.

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