Matrax Composite Mats on Tour

Matrax 4×4 HDPE composite mats have had a busy spring, summer, and fall providing field preservation and turf protection at a variety of venues for a range of events throughout the US.

FedEx Field, Landover MD - Kenny Chesney Aug. 2012

FedEx Field, Landover MD
Kenny Chesney Aug. 2012

Notable installations included; Yankee Stadium (Madonna), Fenway Park (Run for Home Plate), Gillette Stadium, MetLife Stadium (Bruce Springsteen), LP Field, FedEx Field (Kenny Chesney), Bryant Park, Stevens Institute of Technology, Monmouth University and on multiple sites at the National Mall (Smithsonian Folk Life Festival & David’s Tent DC).

Matrax Inc. is an emerging industry leader in the design and manufacturing of composite matting systems and is rapidly becoming the number one choice by stadium field managers, concert promoters, educational institutions and the National Park Service. Matrax’s pedestrian friendly  interlocking system, not only keeps natural turf alive for up to 14 days, it also provides a robust drivable surface capable of supporting rubber tired vehicles including; cranes, forklifts, services trucks and tractor trailers.

The combination of materials and design of each component results in a system that is easy to install, and provides a safe, strong and durable working surface for the event. Matrax utilizes a vertical locking system, with 4 inch overlapping flanges or “lips” to interlock individual panels to one other, creating a contiguous surface free from trip hazards. The individual components of the Matrax turf cover system have been designed to work in conjunction with one another to create a surface that will protect artificial turf from the rigors of a non-sporting event.

Watch our video of the installation of our 4×4 HDPE Translucent Composite Mats in Yankee Stadium for the Madonna MDNA Tour Sept. 2012

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