Matrax Florida Operating Yard

Matrax Inc. has multiple operating storage yards, offices, and manufacturing plants across the US to meet the demands of any project. One of our most used yards is our Florida yard as it not only does it have a large fleet but it is the base for our installation crew.

The Matrax Florida operating yard is no exception and comes fully equipped to respond to your temporary site access challenges with a full fleet of 3-ply timber access mats, swamp mats, crane mats, interlocking composite mats, and roll-formed steel mats.

Construction Mats In Florida

This yard holds more than just our Florida construction mats fleet.  It is also staffed with a local full-service installation crew and seasoned site superintendent.  Our Florida mat installation team is ready to respond to your immediate site access needs fast.

Matrax Florida Transportation Services

The Florida operation is also home to Matrax Transportation Services which offer a low boy tractor trailer capable of hauling up to 43,000 lbs. of freight as well as a front end fork loader with 6’ long forks, allowing for very efficient mat loading to keep your next project moving!

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