Matrax Helps Chilean Port Get “Biosafety Certificate”

Matrax flooring Port ChacabucoPort Chacabuco is a small Chilean town located at the head of Aisen Fjord. The port’s porous wooden docks were contaminated with high concentrations of parasites that adversely affected the local fish farming industry. Matrax worked with Puerto Chacabuco to reduce harmful contamination, upgrade infrastructure, and help the Chilean port comply with new requirements set by the National Fishing Services of Chile (known as “SERNAPESCA”).

Puerto Chacabuco lies in a tropical region and receives an average of 108 inches (2741 mm) of precipitation per year. High levels of moisture contributed to the growth of parasites and other organisms that contaminated fish farming equipment loaded onto the docks. Due to the permeable nature of the wood, attempts to decontaminate the dock failed. It was determined that upgrading the entire infrastructure of the port was necessary to resolve the issue.

Matrax assisted with the modernization of the port’s facilities, in accordance with new regulations from SERNAPESCA. Due to the high levels of precipitation, drastic temperature fluctuations [from 93oF (33.9oC) to 18o F (-7.8oC)], and heavy vehicular traffic, port flooring had to be constructed from a non-porous, resilient material. Matrax 4×4 Composite portable flooring was chosen due to its durability and ability to withstand substantial temperature changes.

The Matrax plastic matting system was used in conjunction with a liner and water treatment process. A plastic liner covered the docks and collected contaminated wash water while protecting the wooden structure below. Matrax 4×4 Composite portable flooring was then placed over the liner to allow heavy duty equipment, such as cranes and track excavators, to operate on the dock without compromising the liner. This durable, waterproof system prevents contamination of the dock and protects against hazardous leaks and spills.

One year after installation of the Matrax matting system, Puerto Chacabuco is now in compliance with regulatory legislation set by SERNAPESCA. Puerto Chacabuco was awarded the official Biosafety Certification and is now involved in the shipment of over thirty -four tons of agricultural produce. The Matrax Composite flooring system implemented in Puerto Chacabuco has become the new standard for facilities in Chile trying to achieve SERNAPESCA biosafety certification.

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