Matrax Supplies Mats for David’s Tent at the National Mall

DAVID’S TENT DC is currently hosting a non-stop continuous worship event from September 25 through November 6 on the White House Ellipse in Washington D.C.  Matrax Inc. a US based manufacturer of a range of matting systems,  was contacted by the organizers of the event to supply its grass friendly turf protection system to provide vehicular access across the Ellipse to the event location. The composite matting system was used to build a temporary road and pedestrian walkway so that the tent, stage, chairs and other heavy materials could be easily transported to the site.

Matrax was recommended by the National Park Service as its translucent 4×4 Composite mats had been tested over a two (2) year period in a Virginia Tech study. The purpose of the study was to evaluate tall fescue quality and recovery success after covering it with various turf protection products available on the market. As the results of the study indicate “Matrax provided the advantages of greater protection in summer heat and quality retention in all seasons.”

The individual components of the Matrax turf cover system have been designed to work in conjunction with one another to create a surface that will protect turf from the rigors of various pre-event activities. The combination of material and design of each component results in a system that is easy to install and that provides a safe, strong and durable working surface. Matrax utilizes a vertical locking system, with 4 inch overlapping flanges or “lips” to interlock individual panels to one other; creating a contiguous surface that can support truck traffic is free from trip hazards.

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