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Believe Big is support organization dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families discover their pathway to healing. Believe Big was founded in 2011 by Ivelisse Page who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2008. Statistically, she had a less than 8% chance of survival and yet, here she is four years later, completely cancer free!

One of the main goals of Believe Big is to provide cancer patients with alternatives and supplements to traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy. Chemotherapy can have devastating effects on a patients body and mind as it weakens the immune system. New studies have found that Mistletoe extract can be extremely effective in reversing the effects of chemotherapy and help eradicate cancer when combined with other treatments.

Mistletoe treatment is widely used in Europe, however the FDA has not approved it for use in the United States. Believe Big is working with Johns Hopkins to complete clinical trials so it can be used in the United States.

Believe Big is raising $300,000 to go towards funding the clinical trial to get Mistletoe therapy approved in the US. They are already 90% of the way towards their goal. Matrax is an active contributor for  Believe Big and encourages anyone who has been affected by cancer to donate as well. You can visit the Believe Big GoFundMe page here: and donate from there.

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