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Site Access for Hydroelectric Dam

Supporting Dam Safety Engineers in Conestoga, PA Matrax, Inc. was contacted by dam safety engineers to provide a 50’ foot temporary bridge over a section of asphalt roadway to the concrete deck of a hydroelectric dam that had undergone settlement and was deemed unsuitable for heavy vehicular... Read more »

Site Access Over Ruxton Creek

Modular Bridge Helps Support the Residents of Manitou Springs, Colorado Matrax Inc. worked with City of Manitou Spring officials to re-establish a residential access road for community residents using a 55’ long modular bridge. Flooding from excessive rainfall over the past few years had resulted in degradation of... Read more »

Technical Analysis of Turf Protection Systems

Turf protection is key to any successful outdoor event. To the casual observer, the turf upon which stages and platforms are built, pedestrians walk and vehicles traverse, is likely of the least concern. The event is the draw and the turf is just there; neither noteworthy... Read more »

Site Access Over Seneca Creek

In 2011, the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission released a 5-year IDIQ contract for sewer line rehabilitation within environmentally sensitive areas that includes stream restoration work.  Under this contract, WSSC anticipates rehabilitating more than 40% of the sewer mainline and manhole assets identified in the Broad Creek... Read more »

Allen Junction 345-kV Transmission Line Site Access

American Transmission Systems Inc. (ATSI) has installed nearly 50 miles of new 345-kV transmission line in northwest Ohio to mitigate the effects of generation retirements and to address bulk transmission system contingencies. On Sept. 26, the FirstEnergy (NYSE:FE) subsidiary filed a letter of notification (LON) with the Ohio Power Siting... Read more »

Matrax 4×4 Composite Under Extreme Weather Conditions

Matrax, Inc. is a solution-based design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution company specializing in a range of event flooring and construction matting products including plastic, timber and steel. Matrax’s products and the expertise of our personnel have been utilized domestically and internationally in the special event, construction, power transmission, mining and energy exploration... Read more »

MetLife Stadium Official Partner: Turf Protection

MetLife Stadium, host of Superbowl XLVIII and home to the NY Giants and NY Jets recently acquired a turnkey outdoor temporary flooring system from Matrax Inc. to cover the synthetic turf during non-football events. Since opening in April of 2010, MetLife has hosted large musical acts... Read more »

Help Matrax Support Believe Big

Believe Big is support organization dedicated to helping cancer patients and their families discover their pathway to healing. Believe Big was founded in 2011 by Ivelisse Page who was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer in 2008. Statistically, she had a less than 8% chance of survival and... Read more »

Matrax Helps Chilean Port Get “Biosafety Certificate”

Port Chacabuco is a small Chilean town located at the head of Aisen Fjord. The port's porous wooden docks were contaminated with high concentrations of parasites that adversely affected the local fish farming industry. Matrax worked with Puerto Chacabuco to reduce harmful contamination, upgrade infrastructure, and help the... Read more »

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