Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat: Liner Protection

Strong and Resilient
Anti Skid Work Surface

Founded in 1989, Hilcorp Energy is the third largest, privately-held independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company in the United States.  Protecting the environment is a top priority.

In 2014, Hilcorp engaged Matrax to provide a liner protection and containment alternative for multiple well sites in the Utica shale formation in northwest Pennsylvania.  Previously, Hilcorp had been utilizing a composite mat of which performance was not meeting expectations, to include consistent and costly damage during routine use.  After consulting with Hilcorp to understand their challenges in greater detail, Matrax determined that the existing composite product was not robust enough to support the application and the Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat was recommended as a more durable alternative.

Measuring approximately 8’ x 14’ x 2” thick, the Matrax Strong Plank Access Mat offers a lightweight, strong, and resilient alternative while also being easy to maintain.  Weighing 13.95 lbs per square foot, Matrax Strong Plank offers a pitted, anti-skid work service with a patented profile of continuous roll formed 65 KSI steel.

In addition to offering a high performance product that can be easily transported from one well site to the next, Matrax created a continuous and flexible contracting vehicle for Hilcorp to alleviate fleet management issues they were experiencing with other suppliers.   When asked for product performance feedback, Hilcorp’s Matt Wood replied, “Matrax continues to meet and exceed our expectations.”

Matrax’s unique business practice of consulting with the client to gain a better understanding of both the technical and operational challenges allowed for the provision of a catered solution for Hilcorp and endorsement of the Matrax motto: “One Size Does Not Fit All.”

Matrax Strong Plank Specs

  • Standard  Size: 7.21’ x 14.42’ x 1.94” Thick
  • 104 ft2  of Usable Surface
  • Approximate Weight: 13.95 lbs. per square foot = 1,450 lbs. per mat
  • 30 Mats Per Truckload or 3,224 SF per Truckload
  • Durable and Long Lasting : 15 to 20 Years
  • Patented profile, roll formed 65 KSI steel
  • Deflects less than .01” with a load of 450 psi centered on a simple 40” span
  • Embossed Anti-skid Self Weathering Steel Work Surface
  • Underside – Corrugated underside to “grip” the subgrade and prevent sliding
  • Simple Link and Coupler Connection System

40 Inch Diameter Composite Outrigger Pad

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