Site Access Over Seneca Creek

In 2011, the Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission released a 5-year IDIQ contract for sewer line rehabilitation within environmentally sensitive areas that includes stream restoration work.  Under this contract, WSSC anticipates rehabilitating more than 40% of the sewer mainline and manhole assets identified in the Broad Creek Basin by utilizing trenchless technologies such as grouting.  Projects have involved pipe bursting, open cut sewer pipe and sewer manhole replacement as well as stream restoration activities requiring ground disturbance, including the construction of temporary access roads.

Site Access over Seneca Creek - Matrax Inc V2

A participant in one of several task orders under this contract, Matrax, Inc. was contacted by a global water management, construction and drilling company to supply and install a 60’ temporary bridge for site access over Seneca Creek in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Site Access Temporary Bridge - Matrax Inc V2

The primary purpose of the temporary bridge was to allow vehicular access to a segment of sewer line designated for lining and manhole restoration.   The bridge was an integral component of a temporary access road through an environmentally sensitive area that allowed the safe access for heavy construction equipment over a six month period.  The 60 foot long, 45 ton capacity “panel” bridge was delivered and installed in a matter of days and remained in position for six months.

Temporary Bridge Installation Seneca Creek - Matrax Inc V2

Matrax was selected for the project based on our ability to solve a difficult installation situation within an extremely constrained time period. We welcome these types of challenges and tough jobs.

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