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Matrax Rig Mat
Engineered Rig Mats

With the ever-increasing demand for oil and gas, Matrax understands the importance for companies to have access to a diverse range of matting systems for variable terrain whilst remaining sensitive to the environment.

“One Size Does Not Fit All”.  By offering a variety of products to fit your unique application, Matrax can provide a turnkey solution for accessing difficult terrain or environmentally sensitive areas.  Our range of products provides you with more economical options to access drill sites by way of temporary roads and provide staging areas for drilling operations.

To learn more about the individual products available for oil & gas drilling applications, please visit the individual hyperlinks below.

Timber Mats

Tank farm spill containment liner protection

Hilcorp uses Matrax matting for oil and gas drilling operations

Matrax mats create stable work platforms and temporary roads

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