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Matrax Crane Mats for Heavy Equipment 

Matrax Crane Mats

Need a durable temporary road and work platform solution during heavy digging and excavating operations? Matrax provides the finest quality crane mats on the market, choosing only the best, dense hardwoods. Our consistent selection of high-grade timber maximizes the strength, performance, and overall product longevity. Our mats are fabricated to withstand heavy loads, such as cranes or rigs, and poor ground conditions. Crane mats are also ideal for stream crossing, drainage ditches and protecting shallow utilities to minimize the impact of heavy equipment to the job site. Visit our temporary bridges page for more information.

Matrax Crane Mat Features

Emergency Power Repair - Crane Mats- Temporary Road Building MatsEach crane mat is made safer by creating consistently narrow notches, providing exposed 1-1/4″ lifting bolts (on each end), countersinking all nuts and ensuring that any long bolts are cut flush to the surface of the mat. These steps greatly reduce the risk of on-the-job injuries for your workforce.

Matrax can custom build swamp mats to any specified size to meet your particular job requirements:

  • Large inventory of used & new mats
  • Grade A & B
  • Standard thickness of 8” or 12”
  • Standard lengths from 16’–30’ (custom length upon request)
  • Standard width 48” (4’)
  • 1 ¼ ” diameter lifting bolts (both ends)
  • Wax lumber paint on both ends
  • 100% dense hardwood

ApplicationsMatrax 12" crane mats support a Manitowoc crane

  • Heavy digging and excavation operations
  • Temporary access roads
  • Work platforms
  • Crossing streams and drainage ditches
  • Protecting shallow utilities
  • Support and stabilization for cranes and heavy steel-tracked equipment

Call us today to inquire about purchase price or rental rates. One size does not fit all and Matrax will work with your site managers to determine what size crane mat is best suited for your application based on site conditions, load requirements, schedules, and budget. Once the crane mat dimensions are selected for your project, Matrax will coordinate the transport, offloading, loading, installation and removal as needed.

Matrax has used mats readily available, click here to see what’s in stock.

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