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Matrax® Rig Mats

When your project requires rig mats, crane mats or swamp mats capable of handling extreme loads, such as oil and gas drilling equipment and oversized excavators, Matrax engineered rig mats are the solution. Durable and long lasting, Matrax mats provide a strong, steady surface in even the most extreme temperatures or weather conditions. Each Matrax Rig Mat has interlocking corners and our unique linking system is designed to maintain a smooth surface between mats to allow equipment and personnel to travel and work safely and efficiently.

Made in the USA, Matrax engineered rig mats are lighter, stronger and much easier to handle than traditional rig matting. Our rig mats are constructed of tongue and groove engineered glulam beams inserted into 65 ksi rolled form steel frames and I beams. The glulam beams are glued together with environmental friendly adhesives and pressed into billets which are then pressed together horizontally to create a finished beam. The combination of glulam wood reinforced in a steel frame gives Matrax mats more than twice the strength of conventional rig mats on the market today.

Pound for pound, glulam timber is stronger than steel and can resist compression better than concrete, making it the ideal material for rig matting. It is also lighter than traditional matting materials, making our mats easily transportable. Our standard 8’ x 40’ mat is 4.5” thick and weighs 5,650 pounds–considerably lighter than traditional rig flooring. Additional features such as double sided crane lifting points and rounded edges make our mats safe and easy to transport with cranes or stack with forklifts.

Our mats are designed to be adaptable in a variety of situations and environments. Our interlocking system allows for two configurations—a 2 bushing link that connects two rig mats and a standard 4 bushing link that links four mats at their corners. The 2 bushing link is ideal for creating access roads and for connecting mats at the perimeter of a covered area, while the 4 bushing link is ideal for center mats and covering larger areas. The link is X-shaped, self-locking, and has four bolts that are fastened underneath the mats, eliminating the potential for uneven surfaces. Links can be even adjusted in temperatures as low as -65 F, making assembly possible in any climate.

Every Matrax Rig Mat is made to the most exacting specifications and can be customized to meet more specific requirements. Contact a Matrax matting specialist to learn how we can customize our mats to meet your needs.

  • Made In USA
  • 100 % kiln dried Douglas Fir
  • 65 ksi roll formed I beams & channel
  • Lighter & much stronger than conventional rig mats
  • 2 I beams, 2 exterior channels & full Length timber billets
  • High tensile rolled channel outer rails
  • Flush deck with reinforcement straps
  • Double sided crane lifting points in each corner
  • Tongue & grooved, engineered glulam beams
Matrax – Engineered Rig Mats Weight (lbs) Mats/Load (45,000 lbs)
4.5” x 8’ x 20’ 4 Rail Rig Mat 3,086 14
4.5” x 8’ x 30’ 4 Rail Rig Mat 4,559 9
4.5” x 8’ x 40’ 4 Rail Rig Mat 5,889 7
6” x 8’ x 20’ 4 Rail Rig Mat 3,958 11
6” x 8’ x 30’ 4 Rail Rig Mat 5,849 7
6” x 8’ x 40’ 4 Rail Rig Mat 7,597 6

Matrax 8x40x4.5 Rig Mat

Rig Mats

Marcellus Shale Rig Mats

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