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At Matrax, we offer outrigger pads of all shapes & sizes; however, we specialize in producing these pads with two main material types (composite and steel). Both our steel and composite outrigger pads offer the superior layer of support you need to complete your job on time and within a budget, instead of worrying about stabilization issues.

Ready to learn more about the outriggers pads for sale at Matrax? Keep reading below to discover all the solutions we have and what composite and steel outrigger pads might fit your job. Know what you need or are ready to purchase your outrigger pads? Call one of our specialists at (855) 628-7623 or click here to get a free quote!

Composite Outrigger Pads

Matrax’s composite outrigger pads are designed to be not only lighter than solid plastic or timber outrigger pads, but they are also about 50% less expensive. This longer lasting alternative is produced in an ISO 9001 certified facility, guaranteeing the highest degree of quality available.

Composite Outrigger PadsThese pads were engineered to support a variety of equipment types, including the following:

  • Utility bucket trucks
  • Backhoes
  • Tree trimmers
  • Concrete pumps
  • Cranes
  • Fire trucks
  • Aerial equipment

By using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in our unique design,  we are able to keep our composite outrigger pads light and portable, without compromising their strength. Moreover, each composite outrigger pad is finished with customized lifting handles to make transportation of these lightweight pads even easier.

Round Composite Outrigger Pad

Square Composite Outrigger Pads

Looking for more information? Click here to learn about all the types of composite outrigger pads we offer as well as their dimensions or specifications.

Steel Outrigger Pads

For heavier equipment, Matrax offers steel outrigger pads, also known as our strong plank steel pads. Unlike other outrigger pad manufacturers, we use a roll form process to create a solution that is lighter than traditional steel plates or pads, but with the same superior strength. Similar to our composite outrigger pads, our steel outrigger pads include hooks, making them easy to position and maneuver.

Whether you need outrigger pads for mobile cranes or another type of equipment, we test our steel outrigger pads in multiple real-world applications to make sure they can endure even the most demanding environments.

Matrax Strong Plank Outrigger Pads

Roll Formed Steel Design

Looking for a little bit more information on this product? Click here to get all the specifications & details on our durable steel outrigger pads.

Why Matrax

Matrax prides itself on being a leader in the outrigger pads industry. Before releasing a product, we conduct extensive research to ensure it not only meets industry standards, by provides additional value to our customers. This means that when we suggest a solution, we truly believe our customers are getting the best product available on the market.

We understand that each and every job requires a unique solution, so we build outrigger pads to your specifications. No matter what your project requires, Matrax will provide a cost effective solution that meets your needs.

Interested in more information on our outrigger pads? Give one of our outrigger pad specialists a call at (855) 628-7623 or click here to connect with one of our sales representatives.

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