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Protect Green Space During Events and Construction and Maintenance Projects

Our parks, fields and open outdoor spaces offer beautiful venues for hosting public and private events and concerts. Park officials and grounds keepers must balance the need to protect the natural environment with the safety and comfort of guests and the costs and labor needed to meet the requirements of the space. Ground protection matting and event flooring can provide a great solution. Matrax offers a wide range of options. One size does not fit all, however, so it is important to consider a number of factors before selecting an option.

Site access matting is effective for many applications:

Staging Areas

Event Flooring

Temporary Parking Lots

Guest Safety and Comfort

To determine the matting type that will provide the best performance for your project, first answer these questions:

  • What is the goal of the ground cover? (Keep the grass from dying, guard against rutting and divots, keep guests, workers and equipment safe, etc.)
  • What are the current ground conditions and how likely are they to change over the duration of your project? (Is rain or snow expected? What is the subgrade? Is there sufficient drainage? Is the area flat or does it undulate?)
  • What type and frequency of traffic will be running over the mats? (Just pedestrians? Wheeled traffic? etc.)
  • How long will the mats be in place?
  • Will the matting need to be moved throughout the project?
  • What if any equipment is available to assist with installation?
  • What is the budget?

Site Access

Hardscape Protection

Temporary Road

No two situations are alike. Consult with us to determine the best solution for your project.

Matrax Matting Options

Matrax 4×8 TNG Ground Protection Mats

Matrax mat installation at the US CapitolSometimes referred to as “plastic plywood” these light-weight mats are easy to throw down, pick up and move around a job site. Unlike plywood, they are flexible, long-lasting and durable. They are primarily used to protect the grass from damage and unnecessary rutting when using wheeled equipment to transport equipment and materials through sensitive areas. Durable and long-lasting, these tough panels can be used over and over again. Keep a stack on hand and available to site workers to use in regular maintenance projects.

Matrax 4′ x 4′ Interlocking Modular Matting System

Washington Monument Matrax Turf ProtectionUsed for safe, ADA compliant temporary walkways and as flooring for tents and events, these interlocking panels work best in areas with a firm and level sub grade. They are also ideal for protecting pavers and other sensitive ground cover from damage. Tough, and able to handle heavy wheeled traffic, yet light weight and able to be installed and removed quickly and without special equipment, this versatile system is designed for multiple uses and will provide a significant return on investment. Call us. We can help you design a custom system for your location.

Interlocking Composite Construction Matting

Matrax Installation of Heavy-Duty Composite Mats for the Infield PartyEvents that are expected to receive heavy traffic and are in locations in danger of being excessively wet, have poor drainage, or have soft or undulating ground need a heavy duty composite mat. Also referred to as composite construction mats, these work horses have been used in a wide range of conditions. Able to handle heavy equipment, they are extremely sturdy and provide solid ground support in all soils and conditions. Like the 4×4 mats, they lock together to create a continuous and safe surface for wheeled traffic and pedestrians.

More information can be found here. Or, call to discuss you project with a sale engineer to whether these mats are needed for your project.

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