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The Superior Choice for Sediment and Erosion Control

Jersey Silt Sock is constructed of a linear mesh tube containing a composted wood filler that is free of weeds, seeds and contaminates. A more cost-efficient alternative to silt fence, silt sock is used on job sites to control sediment and filter pollutants. To install, simply lay it down and stake in place. Unlike silt fence which requires trenching, silt sock can be used on frozen and uneven ground, in areas with sensitive vegetation and where underground utilities are present. Removal is easy, fast and inexpensive — at the end of the job, the sock can be cut open and the filler spread over the site.

Jersey Silt Sock is powered by FILTREXX. All sock is made with heavy duty DuraSoxx HD, a photo degradable/UV stablized mult-filament polypropylene which is suitable for most applications. All filler is locally sourced composted hardwood material. Jersey Silt Sock is in compliance with most state and federal agencies, including USEPA, AASHTO, USDA NRCS and US ACE.

Silt Sock - the Silt Fence Alternative

Proper installation and maintenance will enhance the performance of Jersey Silt Sock. Click here to download installation guidelines.

Silt Sock Applications:

Stormwater Runoff

Water running over paved areas can capture pollutants such as animal waste, nitrogen, phosphorus, heavy metals, and petroleum hydrocarbons. It can cause large volumes of water to run swiftly in local waterways. This can cause contamination, flooding, erosion and the washing away of important nature habitats. Placed strategically on the site, silt sock can help filter out pollutants, moderate the velocity of the water flow and control erosion. Silt sock should be placed beyond the toe of the slop with the ends of the sock pointed upslope.

Perimeter Control

You can use silt sock to act as an outer barrier to retain sediment on a construction site. Silt sock will help to control water flow, filter runoff and promote settling of sediment behind the sock.

Check Dams

Used in ditches and channels, Jersey Silt Sock can provide protection by slowing stormwater flow. This will help to reduce erosion and filtering sediment and pollutants out of stormwater.

Inlet Protection

Silt sock helps prevent sediment, debris and other runoff from entering storm drains by creating a filter that traps particles and pollutants. Position silt sock around drain inlets and drainage systems, in front of curb inlets and in front of curb inlets.

Concrete Washout

Concrete washouts are implemented on construction projects where slurries containing Portland cement concrete (PCC) or asphalt concrete (AC) are generated from work such as saw cutting, coring, grinding, and grooving.  Slurries can also occur where concrete trucks and other concrete-coated equipment are washed on-site. Jersey Silt Sock are an excellent way to capture the sediment and pollutants. Use at concrete truck wash stations, for stream pump-arounds and for slurry filtration.

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