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Practical Solutions for Protecting Sports Venues During Renovation and Construction Projects

Construction Matting for Hockey Rink Renovations
Matthews Arena Ice Hockey Rink, Northwestern University

The demand to provide fans, guests and players with an exceptional entertainment experience and amenities has prompted stadiums and sports arenas to launch multi-million-dollar renovation projects. Often spanning several phases and executed during the off-season, intense pressure is placed on contractors to work within stringent schedules while taking extra care to minimize damage to existing structures, hardscapes and sports fields.

Heavy construction equipment such as cranes, loaders, trailers and concrete trucks can inflict irreparable damage to vulnerable turf grass, paving stones, landscaping and shallow sub-surface irrigation and drainage systems and other underlying infrastructure.

As a specialist in both stadium event flooring and construction site access matting, Matrax has developed an expertise in providing practical solutions for facilitating safe, effective and efficient access to sensitive work sites. Through careful evaluation of the project requirements, construction equipment and work site conditions, Matrax can specify the most suitable site access mats for the application.

Turf and Hardscape Protection

Construction Matting for Stadium Renovations
Wrigley Field, Chicago

For facilities maintenance and some construction projects, the Matrax 4×4 HD flooring system is an excellent solution for protecting both natural and artificial turf and vulnerable hardscapes from wheeled work vehicles and heavy equipment. Designed with a flat back for full contact with the ground and interlocking flanges to seamlessly connect the panels, the system is designed for maximum load spread and easy and rapid installation and removal. This fully drivable flooring system is the preferred choice for many stadiums needing to protect their fields during major concerts and events. Some of these stadiums include: MetLife Stadium, Gillette Stadium, ANZ and Bankwest Stadiums (AU), Petco Park, Banc of California Stadium, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Duke University, University of Tennessee and many others.

Matrax 4×4 HD Features

  • At just 50 lbs, panels can be easily and quickly deployed without special equipment
  • Interlocking panels create a smooth trip-free surface
  • Flat-back and flange design provide maximum load spread
  • ADA compliant ramps may be added for increased functionality
  • Manufactured with HDPE plastic, panels are tough, robust and will last for multiple uses

Additional product information and specifications available here.

Site Access for Construction Equipment; Crane Stabilization and Support

Construction Matting for Football Fields
Sanford Stadium, University of Georgia

Extensive stadium renovations can require excessively heavy crawler cranes and other heavy construction equipment be brought through the stadium and onto the field. Not only can the sports field be seriously damaged, but culverts and other infrastructure below the field surface can be damaged as well. And, moving the equipment into and out of the stadium can seriously damage hardscapes, concrete flooring and paved surfaces. For these projects, a combination of construction matting types may be needed. Collaborating with project managers, engineers and the stadium’s staff, Matrax will develop a serviceable and safe recommendation that will meet the project timeline and budget.  Some of the matting options could include:  3-play timber mats, crane mats and interlocking composite construction mats.

Construction Matting Options

Everbank Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

Timber site access mats:  Often used for site access roads, staging areas and work platforms, timber mats are the standard construction mat. Matrax timber mats are 8′ x 14′ x 5.75 and are designed to support heavy construction equipment. More information about Matrax timber mats is available here. 

Composite construction mats:  8′ x 14′ x 4″ thick, composite mats are an alternative to traditional timber mats. Designed with interlocking flanges, they provide maximum load spread and create a safe, stable work platform. Preferred by contractors working in wet terrain and sensitive areas, these mats are ideal an ideal option for stadiums. Click here to learn more about our composite construction mats. 

Crane Mats:  Typically used for excavation projects, crane mats are often used to traverse shallow underground utilities. They are the ideal solution to protect infrastructure under sports field during major renovation projects requiring support of extremely heavy loads. For more information about crane mats, click here. 

For a consultation about your project, call Matrax today at 855-628-7623. A sales engineer can help determine the best solution for your application, budget and timeline.

Stadium Renovation, University of Cincinnati
Nippert Stadium, University of Cincinnati
Turf Protection for Stadium Construction
Beechwood High School, Fort Mitchell, KY
Matrax Turf Protection System for Sports Stadiums
Sports Turf Protection, Alleghany, NY
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