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Steel Outrigger Pads

The Matrax Strong Plank steel outrigger pad provides the extra footprint needed to spread the load for a crane’s maximum lifting capacity. The Strong Plank Pad offers the utmost strength and longevity, maximizing the usable square footage, and greatly increasing job site safety. Many people consider these some of the best mobile crane outrigger pads because crane operators can achieve precise placement and enjoy optimum equipment performance, without fear of shifting or tipping, and all without sacrificing space on the job.

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Matrax Strong Plank Steel Outrigger Pads

Matrax Strong Plank engineered steel outrigger pads are differentiated from other steel solutions on the market by their ability to provide superior strength without the extreme weight of traditional crane stabilizer pads or steel pads. To achieve this, we use a roll form process which involves the continuous bending of long strips of steel, until the desired cross-section (profile) is obtained. The use of these internal shapes and geometry lowers the overall density without compromising strength, thus offering a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

Our Strong Plank steel outrigger mats offer multiple uses, have a long life span, and are strong but at the same time very light and serviceable. These qualities make our steel outrigger pads a versatile, easily installed and removed, and ecologically friendly option for many different construction jobs. The Strong Plank steel outrigger pad is manufactured from A606 Type 4 self-weathering rolled steel that is considerably more resistant to the degradation and damage that typically occurs with its timber, composite, plastic or aluminum outrigger pad counterparts.

The fabrication is performed in an ISO 9001 certified facility, guaranteeing the highest degree of quality management. Matrax, as a crane outrigger pads manufacturer, understands that the structural components and load bearing materials we manufacture must endure the most demanding environments and we make sure they can stand the test of time and the forces of nature.

Each pad is finished with d-ring handles for easy lifting.

Strong Plank Steel Outrigger Pad – Standard Dimension

Width (feet) Length (feet) Height (inches) Weight (pounds)  
4 6 1.98 498

Maximum allowable deflection < .01 inches. Custom sizes and handles available upon request. Minimum order required. Production lead times vary.

Load Capacity

Shear X-Direction Shear Y-Direction Moment X-Direction Moment Y-Direction
546.08 kips 981.95 kips 109.46 kip-ft 182.38 kip-ft

Steel Outrigger Pad Features

  • Patented profile, roll formed 65 KSI steel
  • Reliable load distribution
  • Lighter than traditional steel pads
  • Handles for lifting
  • Embossed anti-skid A606 self-weathering steel work surface
  • Durable & long lasting: 15 to 20 years

Varying ground conditions can have a large impact on the performance of steel outrigger pads for mobile cranes & other vehicles.

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