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Temporary Bridges

Matrax Inc. provides complete end-to-end installation and removal of temporary bridges for a range of site access situations. We offer everything from simple timber bridges to highway rated modular steel panel bridges for access over streams, waterways, wetlands and drainage ditches. Our personnel have over 30 years of combined experience in temporary bridges installation in combination with temporary access road solutions for the power transmission, heavy construction, and oil and gas industries and cross country pipeline construction.

One size does not fit all and Matrax will work with your site managers to determine what type of temporary bridge solution is best suited for your application based on site conditions, traffic patterns, load requirements, schedules, public safety and budget. Once the type of system is selected for your project Matrax will take care of the transport, offloading, loading, installation and removal of the temporary bridge.

Once transported and installed, Matrax portable bridges allow seamless vehicular travel for your equipment, site vehicles and work crews. We understand the importance of critical deadlines and schedules and will work with your team to see that your project keeps moving.

Simple Crane Mat Bridges

Our most cost effective and versatile bridge constructed of high quality 12” thick crane mats. Made with mix of tough, dense woods, steel rods and coated ends for rot protection, our crane mat bridges are durable, resistant to compression, and capable of handling heavy equipment and harsh weather conditions. Notched lifting eyes provide multiple lifting options for easy transport.

  • Ideal for stream crossing, drainage ditches and protecting shallow utilities
  • Available up to 16 ft. spans
  • Able to withstand the weight of cranes, rigs, and all heavy machinery. We only use top grade dense hardwood to ensure strength and long lasting durability
  • A non-engineered off-site solution

Prefabricated Bridges

Our ready made / prefabricated portable bridges are the mid-market solution for those requiring a temporary bridge that is a step up from our crane mat bridge, but much less costly than our Truss/Panel bridges. Made with dense wood and steel railings, our prefabricated bridges are ideal for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic.

  • Ideal for larger stream crossings, canal crossings, shallow utilities and smaller bodies of water
  • Available up to 90 ft. spans (Single lane only)
  • Our readymade bridges come pre-assembled in two parts significantly and assembled in a matter of hours.
  • Constructed of wood and steel

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