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Matrax 4×4 Portable Tent and Event Flooring

Any successful event starts with safe, stable and attractive flooring. The Matrax 4×4 modular flooring system is engineered to create a smooth, trip-free surface that can also handle the stress and intensity of any type of event. Engineered with interlocking, overlapping lips, the panels disperse lateral load, safely supporting furnishings, machinery, stages and other equipment. The result is a flooring solution that can handle heavy materials and crowds safely, looks good and protects the ground underneath from unnecessary damage.

Boat Show, Miami, FL

Wine in the Woods, Columbia, MD

The Most Versatile Event Flooring System Available

Available in heavy-duty drivable (HD) and light-duty pedestrian (LD) the Matrax panels can be integrated, so event planners have the flexibility to construct a system that meets the specific needs of each event and budget. Create driving lanes and staging platforms for heavy loads with HD and safe flooring for guests with LD.  All panels are designed with an integrated locking system with no loose parts and nothing that will rust or corrode, making the panels ideal for any outdoor event.

These light weight panels can be installed easily and fast with a small work crew and no special equipment. Easy to maintain and clean, robust and tough, they are long-lasting and can be used for years to come. They make an outstanding asset that will return the investment many times over.

Let Matrax Help You Expand Your Outdoor Seating Space for Safe Social Distancing

The Matrax Flooring System is an ideal option for restaurants, schools and other businesses needing to increase outdoor seating capacity. Unlike plywood, the HPDE plastic panels will withstand the elements, staying flat and smooth even in high heat. They will not absorb oils or chemicals and are easy to clean and maintain. Drainage holes keep water from puddling on the surface of the panels and a raised diamond pattern on the top of the panels increase safety and stability.  ADA compliant ramps can be added for increased functionality.

Before – Gravel Flooring

After – Matrax 4×4 Tent Flooring

Why Choose Matrax Modular Flooring?

  • Light weight and easy to install and remove — no special equipment needed
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Made of HDPE plastic that will not warp, splinter or buckle, even in high heat
  • Interlocking panels have no loose parts and no metal to rust or corrode
  • Provides protection for sensitive turf and other vulnerable surfaces
  • Tough and long-lasting and can be used for multiple times over many years
  • ADA compliant ramps can be added for enhanced functionality
  • Looks great and adds to the aesthetics of any event or venue
  • Proudly made in the USA and 100% recyclable

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